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Naya's Invasion (Fallen Invasion, book 2) by Mia Mitns

Release date: April 17, 2015
Subgenre: Science fiction romance

About Naya's Invasion:

Stand Alone Story

#29831 a.k.a. Naya is a fierce commander of the quiet alien invasion. Her tasks were minimal. Remain invisible. Direct the invasion. Reach the quota of humans. See how the other humans react.

Falling for a human wasn’t part of the plan.

Will Naya be loyal to her heart or her family?

Second story in the “Fallen Invasion” Series
Dark, Sweet Romance 



She laughed and jumped up to wrap her legs around his abdomen and arms around his shoulders. 
He tried to shake her off as he ran, but he couldn’t.  His pace was decreasing fast, but he could finally see the police station.  He yelled out as he saw figures moving around inside. 
“Almost there,” she whispered in his ear.  “But the question is will you make it?”  She cackled.
He didn’t pay her words any attention.  He knew he could make it.  Just a few more steps . . .
Somehow she flew off his back and landed a few feet in front of him.  She stood in between him and the police station.
He stopped immediately, sliding a little towards her on the unpaved road.  Slightly bent over, he began taking in large, deep breaths.  He made sure to keep his eye on her in case she had any tricks planned.  A few seconds later, he yelled a few times, but no one seemed to hear him.
“Aww,” she said.  “Now no more delaying.  It’s time.”
The man decided he had to somehow run past her and get to the police station.  They had guns.  They could save him.
He took one last deep breath and charged for the door.  He ran to the left.  She took the bait and when she was close, he spun around her, but after he passed she grabbed him under his arm.  She pulled him off the ground to bring him in close and savored a bite into his shoulder.  Then she threw him down on the street.  He moaned and started to yell in agony as he tried to get back up.
She swished her tongue around her mouth.  “Mmm.  Type O negative.  We could use some of that.”
As he stood, she jumped on him and he fell back to the ground.  One hand of her nails slashed his chest.  The wounds went deep— so deep they penetrated his skin and muscle layers down his organs.
He yelled as much as he could.  He tried not to pass out.
She licked the blood off of his liver and licked her lips.  “Tasty.”
He moaned and looked toward the police station.
He thought he was hallucinating as the police finally ran out of the station.  He wasn’t.  These were not the people he knew.  They were not who the man expected— the police of Greeleaffe County.  They were something else.


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About Mia Mitns:

Mia Mitns was born in Houston, Texas but grew up in multiple places including California, Colorado, and a few other areas around Texas. She graduated from school in Atlanta, Georgia and Pomona, California.

After school, Mia wrote her first novel, Tea Leaf: What Hides Beneath, an urban fantasy story that was born from a strange dream. When she is not writing or reading, she enjoys listening to music, going to concerts, trying to play guitar, playing basketball, and drawing. She lives in Texas with her plants.

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