Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Initiative: In Harm's Way (The Initiative Book 1) by Bruce Fottler

Release date: May 13, 2015
Subgenre: Technothriller, Conspiracy

About The Initiative: In Harm's Way:

Sam Maxwell hates his bland, dead-end job at a company that's little more than a labyrinth of cubicles. Seeking a better position, the Blanchard Corporation quickly extends him a surprisingly generous job offer. But something mysterious is lurking beneath the prestigious veneer of this multi-billion dollar technology giant. After accepting the offer, Sam's life is surreptitiously evaluated by a board of directors who are anxious to recruit candidates for their clandestine consortium. To those already part of this consortium, it's simply known as The Initiative. To Sam, it's the start of a perilous venture to help protect one of the most closely guarded secrets in modern history.



Once Sam was on his way down to the lobby, Christine walked down the hallway and found Walt standing at a large window overlooking the front parking lot. They watched Sam leave the building and walk to his car.
“So?” Christine asked.
“I have to admit, he gave me a much better impression than I expected.”
“Told you so.”
Walt turned to Christine and looked her over. “I see you went with the tight red outfit.”
“Too much?”
“I think it worked fine.”
“It's my go-to for these pitches,” Christine confessed as she tugged at the backside of her skirt. “I'm always concerned I'm getting a little too old to pull it off anymore.”
“Oh, you still have it,” Walt teased with a gleaming smile.
Christine gave a dismissive smirk as they turned to watch Sam drive away. “So, do you think we hooked him?”
“Oh, yes. No doubt that kid thinks he just won the damn lottery.”
“I saw some doubt.”
“Really? I'll bet you a hundred dollars he'll accept by the end of Wednesday.”
“Wow, a hundred? You're that sure?”
“With what he drove out of the parking lot? He's a typical post-graduate who's got a lot of school loans to pay back, but wants to upgrade at the same time. The way he eyed those other cars as he walked by them told me everything I needed to know. His mind is already at a car dealership.”
“You seem to have him all figured out.”
“Because I already know him. I look at him every day in the mirror. So, what about that bet?”
Christine laughed. “A hundred? I've learned to stop taking those bets with you. Do you think it's even worth our time to poison his other interviews?”
“Don't bother. He's all ours.”



About Bruce Fottler: 

Since exiting a finance career in a world of cubicles, Bruce Fottler has been busy writing novels. His latest is the suspense thriller: "The Initiative: In Harm's Way (Book One)."

Bruce grew up in the Chicago suburbs and moved to the Boston area as a young teen. While seeking a career-track that mostly put him behind a desk, he dabbled in creative pursuits such as producing, writing, and directing film shorts. However, it was always writing novels that interested him the most because they aren't limited by production budgets, technical capabilities, or tight shooting schedules.

Bruce has four other published novels: "Chasing Redemption" (Sci-fi thriller), "Dover Park" (Mystery/thriller), "The Juncture" (Time-travel drama). and "Paladin's Odyssey" (Post-apocalyptic thriller).

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