Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Thief of Pailtar (Episode 1) by Robyn Wideman

Release date: April 27, 2015
Subgenre: YA fantasy

About The Thief of Pailtar:

But to be a thief in Pailtar you either join the Thieves' Guild or pay them to work in the city. Kiana wants to join the Guild.

Kiana's adventures take her to places she never dreamed of. Deadly animals, vicious monsters, and angry armies all stand between her and survival...Nobody said being a thief was easy! 



She howled into her hands like a wolf. The sound bounced off the walls, making it seem like it came from further down the street, right behind a couple of horses pulling a wagon. At the sound of the howl, both animals jumped in fright. The pair of animals whinnied loud and started to pull the wagon hard. The shocked driver pulled hard on the reigns and yelled at the animals to calm down.
While the crowd looked to the commotion down the street, Kiana stepped out of the shadows of the alley. She took three quick steps and was right behind the man in the dress. She watched as his eyes went up the street towards the startled animals. With a smooth and practiced move Kiana took another step forward, so that she was right beside the man. Then with startling speed, her hand slid into the hidden dress pocket, sliding the small purse out without even a hesitation.
Purse in hand, Kiana stopped moving. She stood right beside the man in the dress. She tilted her head to the side as if looking down the street to see what the commotion was. As the horses calmed down, the crowd returned to normal. The man in the dress, her now purse less victim, turned towards the vendor. Kiana turned back towards the alley. Anyone watching would have thought she had been drawn towards the sound of the horses and seeing nothing of note had returned to the alley.
Once in the alley, Kiana took another two steps. She knew from this spot no one from the market street could see into the shadows. She started to sprint down the rest of the length of the alley. If the roof top watcher had seen her pick the man’s dress pocket she would have little time to make it to safety. As she reached the edge of the opposite end of the alley she slowed then stepped out onto the busy street. The bright sun beat down on the dusty street. The crowds of down trodden slaves and servants mingled with merchants and sailors looking for mischief and more.
Quickly looking both ways, Kiana crossed the street, avoiding the fast moving wagons that headed towards the docks, heavy with merchandise to be sent across the narrow strait to Venecia and beyond. When she made it across the street Kiana entered a small tavern. Before the bartender could berate her for being too young to buy a beer in his bar she was walking through the back door and out onto the next street over. If the man on the roof had been watching he would not have been able to follow her. She was now safe, and had successfully robbed her mark! Despite it being a trap she had succeeded. Kiana smiled to herself, her mother would be so proud.



About Robyn Wideman:

Robyn Wideman is a debut author of Young Adult Fantasy Fiction.
He lives in the beautiful interior of British Columbia, Canada. When he is not writing, can be found ruminating on his favorite sports teams (Raptors, Canucks, BC lions and Denver Broncos until Payton Manning retires),  reading a new novel or watching a movie.


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