Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Final Sacrifice (Resurrected, Book 3) by S.M. Schmitz

Release date: August 9, 2015
Subgenre:  Science fiction romance, paranormal romance

About Final Sacrifice


Lottie is determined to end the nightmare her resurrection has caused and the constant threat she and her friends face because she exists. She has organized a war against the leaders of the company that transports people from her home planet to Earth, and the time has come for her battle to begin.

In the final book of the Resurrected series, Lottie and her friends must attempt to destroy the business that has spent years trying to kill them, and now, there are thousands of people all over the world who are participating in Lottie’s insurrection. If she fails, she and her friends will lose their lives. But if she succeeds, she and her friends will finally have the freedom to live. 



We had the chip with us and it had been glowing as they always did when they were around a working portal; we would know if we successfully broke this one because the chip’s lights would go out. Dietrich nodded but added, “It may be easy to repair though if we don’t take the whole thing.”
We both looked under the desk to try to figure out how to move part of it away from the wall when the chip suddenly lit up brighter beside us. I had placed it on the floor between us, and as we knelt on the floor by the portal trying to figure out how to destroy it, we were sure the chip was definitely glowing more intensely.
Dietrich peeked at me but didn’t want to look away from the chip for too long. “What do you think it means?”
I get it: I’d come from this planet … sort of … but why the hell should I know what it was doing? This was all just as new to me as it was to him. I shook my head and kept watching it. It grew brighter and brighter until I had to squint to keep looking directly at it.
“Dietrich …” but I didn’t really know what to say. The whole thing was just making me nervous, and he apparently felt the same way, because he reached over to me and pulled me away from it. I looked up at him in surprise but he’d placed himself between the chip and me. I couldn’t see it or his face anymore.
I grabbed fistfuls of his shirt and held my breath. It was vibrating against the tiled floor. “Lottie,” he started, but he was going to tell me to leave so I stopped him.
“No, I’m staying with you.” I peered around him. It was glowing so brightly now it was like trying to stare into an open flame. And it was vibrating harder, rocking back and forth on the hospital floor. My mouth felt dry and the room swirled around me as I rocked back on my heels and fell over. Dietrich turned around and put an arm around me but it wasn’t affecting me physically. I’d had a flashback, a brief memory, so fleeting and seemingly unimportant at the time, but suddenly, it was there, shining as brightly in the forefront of my mind as the device lying on the floor in front of us.
“Oh my God,” I whispered, “Oh my God, Dietrich … I think someone’s crossing over.”




About S.M. Schmitz:

S. M. Schmitz has an M.A. in modern European history and enjoys teaching world history as well as writing. An avid reader, she delves into a variety of genres such as paranormal, urban fantasy, science fiction, dystopian, and young adult. Her novels are infused with the same humorous sarcasm that she employs frequently in the classroom. As a native of Louisiana, she sets many of her scenes here, and like Dietrich in Resurrected, she is also convinced Louisiana has been cursed with mosquitoes much like Biblical Egypt with its locusts.

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