Thursday, August 6, 2015

Reunification (Two Worlds, Book 1) by Timothy L. Cerepaka

Release date: July 24, 2015
 Subgenre: Science fantasy, sword and sorcery

About Reunification:

When one knight travels to a another world to find his long-lost sister, he is drawn into a conflict deeper than he knows.

With three photographs of his sister as his only clues, Rii, a Knight of Se-Dela, travels to Xeeo, a world of science and technology completely unlike his magical and mystical home world of Dela, where he hopes to reunite with his sister after her mysterious disappearance six years ago.

It soon turns out that the disappearance of Rii's sister is linked to a vaster conflict between two ancient organizations that stretches back to the dawn of the two worlds themselves. And when Rii finds himself stranded on this world, he must race to find his sister before the mysterious figures who want him dead end his life.



The pictures showed my sister, Kiriah, sitting outside this very Cafe, sipping from an emerald cup, similar in color to mine. She was alone in the first two, but in the last one, she sat across from a large bearish man whose back was to the camera. I had already seen these pictures before, of course; had pored over them for even the slightest detail that might explain why my sister was here or who this man was, but I had found nothing, hence why I was speaking with this merchant.
The merchant's beady eyes scanned the pictures before he leaned back in his seat. “Yep. That's her, though I don't really know her name.”
“But she looks like my sister?” I said.
“Yep,” said the merchant, nodding. “She doesn't come here too often, but she's hard to miss because she's sometimes with that man in the third picture.”
The merchant tapped the third picture with one of his thin fingers, leaving tiny blotches of that disgusting gunk on it. I made a mental note to clean the photographs with the purest water I could find after this discussion was finished.
“What is that man's name?” I said. “Do ye know him?”
“Yeah,” said the merchant. He looked over his shoulder so quickly that his head was a blur before he returned to looking at me. “I mean, it's hard to tell from this picture, of course, because if you humans look the same while facing forward, you are indistinguishable from the back, but even I wouldn't mistake that large back for the back of anyone other than who it belongs to.”
“Delay the revelation no longer, merchant,” I said. I glanced at mine watch. “I have little time to waste going in circles like this.”
“Fine, fine,” said the merchant, holding up his hands as if to calm me. “He's Xacron-Ah. Ever heard that name before?”
I frowned. “Nay. 'Tis a criminal?”
“Actually, he's the Mayor of Xeeon,” said the merchant. “'Course, you wouldn't know that, seeing as you don't live here, but that's who he is.”

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About Timothy L. Cerepaka:

Timothy L. Cerepaka was born in Austin, Texas, although he was raised in the small town of Cherokee Texas, where he was homeschooled by his parents and where he still lives today.

As a young boy growing up building LEGO sets, reading books from many different genres and on many different subjects, and playing video games, Timothy's strong imagination led him to begin writing his first stories. He began posting these stories on the Internet on a fansite dedicated to the LEGO toy line called BIONICLE, where he met similar authors starting out and received a lot of valuable criticism to help improve his work.

Yet it wasn't until 2014 that Timothy decided to get serious about his dream and began pursuing his writing career. After founding the independent press known as Annulus Publishing to publish his work, Timothy published his first book, the epic fantasy novel titled "The Mad Voyage of Prince Malock," in June of 2014, following it up over the next few months with the next three installments in his Prince Malock World series of fantasy novels.

Although Timothy reads all types of books in many different genres, his primary interests are in fantasy and science-fiction, though he enjoys a good mystery novel every now and then. This is reflected in his major writer influences: Greg Farshtey, J.K. Rowling, Stephen King, and Rachel Aaron. He also enjoys the Sherlock Holmes books and stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, having read all of them several times each.

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