Thursday, August 27, 2015

Legend of the Jinn - The Teapot Storm by Jennifer Liu

Release date: August 14, 2015
Subgenre: Young Adult Fantasy

About Legend of the Jinn - The Teapot Storm:


And the Jinn break their lamps...
In the vast Arkazian Desert, stories of the magical wish-granting Jinn tantalize the sands. Awe-inspiring and life changing all hope to cross their path. All except Verity.
Verity has angered the Jinn and now their magic laces her blood in a poisonous race. Cursed, she must find the cure her grandfather has hidden in the sands. But before she can save herself, the Jinn demand she save another.
A girl for a girl, the trade must be completed
Liam and Hank are two villagers from the Smoke Stacks. Poor and ill-equipped they trick Verity into joining their rescue mission - a girl from their village has been taken. A girl they both seem to love.
As the three race across the sand, dark shadows trail close behind. The Kingdom’s greatest soldier has defected and, now with dark magic on his side, he is nearly unbeatable. And he has one mission – to stop Verity.
Time is running out
Chased from all sides, Verity is caught in a desperate struggle. The magic inside of her is addictive and seductive, but as it grows, her humanity diminishes. If she doesn’t find the cure, the Jinn will win and she will be forced to join their ranks as they stage a rebellion to overthrow the human world. 



“Do you believe in the Jinn?” Liam asked.
Verity stilled at the abrupt change in topic. She felt her throat tighten, she hated that question. It always felt like a trick to her, one she could never answer properly. Regardless of where you were from, whether you were one of the poor from the Smoke Stacks or the rich from the Arkatress, everyone agreed on one thing. The Jinn. They were creatures of legend and magic and beloved by all. Verity, on the other hand, had been raised with very different beliefs. “Everyone knows the Jinn,” she finally answered. “They’re,” she swallowed hard, “delightful stories. Magical.” She strove for the most diplomatic answer.
Quince, who had raised her, was a very intelligent man, an academic. And like most academics, he tended to have somewhat controversial beliefs. Ones that had been taught to her before she’d learned what was socially acceptable. It wouldn’t do her any good to go against the popular opinions. And considering they were from the Smoke Stacks, well she’d rather stray on the cautious side and not offend their superstitious beliefs. They didn’t need to know how she really felt about the Jinn.
“Three wishes and a magical lamp,” she continued, nearly choking on the words as she started to babble. “Who hasn’t grown up with those stories?”
“They’re not just stories,” Hank said, turning to look at her, a serious expression on his face.
Verity swallowed hard again. Fanatics. They were Jinn chasers, obsessed with the myths. The thought turned her stomach. It made sense now, why they’d be in Dovetail. Citizens of the Arkazian Desert viewed the Jinn as the magic of the land. They were your salvation when times were tough. Magical creatures who could make any wish come true if you happen to be lucky enough to stumble upon one. 
Now Verity had been brought up knowing otherwise. She’d been raised to never chase fairy tales but she’d also long learned that her upbringing hadn’t been normal. Her beliefs weren’t the norm, so she had quickly learned to keep her mouth shut.
While most of the people who lived in the desert only dreamed of the Jinn. Of adventuring through the sands and finding the magical lamps. There were some, who took it too far, whose dreams seeped into reality. Those were the ones she’d been warned against.
And now she was trapped in the sand with two of them.
“We need to find a Jinn,” Hank was saying.
Verity fixed a smile to her face and tried to nod understandingly. All the while, slowly inched her fingers to her waist.
“A friend of ours has gotten herself into a bit of trouble and we’re looking for her.” Liam was saying as Verity’s fingers wrapped around the dagger she kept hidden by her waist.


About Jennifer Liu:

If you asked my mother what my favorite toys were growing up, she would tell you that they were books. I've always loved reading and have an overactive imagination. Storytelling was my form of entertainment and I invented wild tales of magic and adventure whenever I had trouble sleeping.

Then, as they have an unfortunate tendency to, the fairy tales and stories faded into the background as I stumbled through an accounting degree and into a career in finance. And as I sat surrounded by dull cubicle walls, tapping number after number into a monster excel sheet, it hit me how much I missed creativity and story telling.

And so I tapped into my sleeping imagination and stretched my cramped fingers and started typing and out came The Teapot Storm.

I'm thrilled to be embarking on this journey and just want to say thank you for taking a chance on me.


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