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Eclipse of the Heart (The Interdimensional Saga, Book 4) by J.L. Hendricks

Release date: May 13, 2016
Subgenre:  Paranormal romance, YA fantasy

About Eclipse of the Heart


What does being the girl of the prophecy mean? And am I really her?

Lancer's trial is almost over and I can't tell you how many times we have been attacked while here on Sendryl. I hope that the rest of the trial goes smoothly and he is proven innocent of all charges, but the judge seems to have already decided Lancer is guilty, even though they haven't finished. Ash and I both believe he is part of an anarchist group who is working with the rippers to kill us.

The timing of a car bomb that kills many in our group,and leaves us stranded in the middle of the city without any food, water, or medical assistance, proves my theory.

We do find friends who are willing to help us escape,but it comes at a high price.

Can all of my warrior friends make it back to Earth with me? Or, will some be left here only to die at the hands of the rippers?

Join B'Lana and her fae warrior friends as they battle the evil rippers (aka vampires) who are after humans to use as fodder for their war with the Fae.



“Please tell me you are going to help me understand what all of this prophecy talk is about? I don’t see how I am to fulfill some thousand year old prophecy.”
“We don’t know a lot about the prophets from old, but we do know that every one of their prophecies have come true, with the exception of a handful. One is about a girl who is from Earth. She becomes a hybrid Sennafae and rescues her people from a great evil. She makes quite a few allies along the way, and it was even foreseen that she would bond with a dragonette; that is the ultimate honor for us. We only have a small amount of them left on this world.
“Some think that evil has come already and you are the key to stopping it. While others believe you will bring the evil with you. And of course there are those who want the evil to thrive. So you see, you will need to be extra vigilant while you are here, and even when you return to Earth. There will be Sennafae and Rippers who will try to destroy you.” The Reverend sure knew how to make a girl feel special.
“Is that all you know? Isn’t there anything else you can tell me?” That couldn’t be all there is? How could that small amount of information be enough to cause such a problem?
“The rest is a bit confusing, it states that she will fall in love and her love will sacrifice himself for her. Although we don’t know if that means he will die. Ash and Lancer both have already sacrificed a lot for you. Lancer is on trial now because of you.”
“Wait, I’m the reason he’s on trial? How can that be?”
“He turned you into a hybrid without getting permission first. Also, he sent a lot of warriors to their death because you wanted the Earth girls saved.”
“So, it’s my fault he’s here? That’s so not cool! How can you say such a thing?” Is that why he was so cool towards me when I arrived? That would explain his behavior.
“Ok, so if I believe what you say, and I’m not saying I do, what is it exactly that I’m supposed to do? Kill the ‘evil’ you mentioned? How is that possible?”
“Like I said, we don’t know much, just that you will be the savior of your people. That could mean you will save the future Sennafae Hybrids or you will save the Earthlings from the rippers. Both are your people. But you must remember, now that you have long life, you may be many years from fulfilling the prophecy. Please don’t expect to be doing this now or even in the next few years.
“Take this time to learn about our culture and to study everything you can about fighting techniques and various weapons. It could be another 100 years before you see the end of the prophecy; if it is even you who is to fulfill it.” The Reverend looked at me with a pensive face and brought his hand up to his chin and just said, “Hmm”. That was it nothing else, and then he walked away.
I ran to catch up to him, “Sir, what did that mean? Is there more to tell me?”



About the Interdimensional Saga


About J.L. Hendricks: 

J.L. Hendricks (A lady never reveals her age) is a new independent author. The Interdimensional Saga series is her first one and she is very excited to share Book 1, Eclipse of the Warrior. J.L. is currently writing full time, but before she started writing she had a successful career as a Purchasing Manager and Contracts Administrator.
Travel is a passion of hers and she hopes to be able to travel again soon and discover a new world to write about for those who enjoy creative universes.
She is very proud to have served in the US Army before she went to college.
She decided to finally write, and finish a book this year because of a few friends who encouraged her to do so. She hopes her stories entertain you and can bring a laugh on occasion.

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