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Woven Peril (The Aylosian Chronicles, Book 2) by Jeffrey Collyer

Release date: June 24, 2016
Subgenre: Epic Fantasy

About Woven Peril


The Guardian’s forces may have left the forest, but they haven’t departed from Michael’s mind as he struggles to learn what his enemy will do next. Torn between feelings of guilt and love, he must now push ahead to find mythical halls deep in the earth, where secrets from the distant past are spoken of, and new riddles unearthed.

Entering dark paths, Michael must learn to use his growing power if he is to discover that which will save the land, at the same time as trying to protect those now under his care from new and deadly monsters sent to hunt him.

And all while he struggles to understand mysteries surrounding his mother.

Woven Peril is the thrilling second book in the Aylosian Chronicles following Dreams and Shadows, and continues the epic tale in a world of unusual magic and unique creatures. If you enjoy stories with a combination of action, tenderness and thoughtful wisdom, the Aylosian Chronicles is sure to be a series you’ll enjoy.



The heat emanating from the shaft made the air around it shimmer, but he felt no pain. This place was the staff’s natural home, as it was Michael’s. They were made for each other.
He leaped over the decaying body of a Bo’hu, arrows protruding from its flesh. Then another, sliced apart by the blade of a Sword Weaver. It was from these, and others like them, that the painful screeches were emanating. Even lying helpless and dying they were able to immobilise others.
Michael couldn’t deal with them yet, however, and he continued forward.
The light from his staff now shone as bright as a sun, lighting the tunnels as far as he could see. Devu and Mela were hidden, surrounded by Bo’hu. Between them and the Bow Weavers, they had sent more than half to their death throes, but there remained seven of the creatures.
Already tentacles were reaching towards him. They were slow enough for him to comfortably avoid their touch, but soon their number grew. He dodged another two, but was struck from the side, the force throwing him against the wall. He hadn’t expected such force to accompany the strike when the tentacles were moving so slowly.
Even as he heard the crack, pain shot through his arm and ribs.
He staggered to his feet. Gripping the staff in his uninjured right hand, he held it by the ebony end and, ignoring the stabs of pain, began to whirl it around his head as he moved once more towards the slimy creatures.
The fire wouldn’t work against them. He could see that now.
Blue flames began to shoot between invisible cracks amongst the white lines, the air around them growing suddenly chill.
The perspiration began to freeze on his face. His forehead grew tight with the cold, but still he threw more energy into the staff as he advanced.
Tentacles once more swung towards him in slow motion, but he made no effort to avoid them now. Instead he swung his staff. Limbs exploded into a million pieces of frozen flesh as he struck.
His broken ribs felt as though they were about to explode from his chest as he swung his weapon, but he fought the urge to collapse. The Bo’hu were now fearing. Through the molasses of his Time Walk, they struggled to escape. But this was his domain. They could not outpace him here.
He swung again, striking the body of a creature; sensed its life-force depart as its body froze in place. He felt no resistance as his staff struck another, and then another.
With each one, he gained greater insight into their final… thoughts?… feelings? Many had been in their current state for ages untold, though they hadn’t begun that way. They hoped death would be a release, but feared it would not.
But their wails were cut short by a cold greater than the ice on the tallest mountain. Their bodies simply couldn’t withstand it.
He saw Devu and Mela, lying on the ground with acid burns across their bodies.
He struck again. Was it mercy or vengeance? It didn’t matter.
Finally, he came to the last one. Though his chest screamed in agony, he threw his might into the swing, connecting solidly.
This time, he held it there, however, hoping to glean more. He pushed past the wails of hopelessness, past the pain as one cell after another froze. And saw…
…Multitudes of the creatures. Hundreds, thousands of Bo’hu, gliding through dark passages. Converging on… them.

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About Jeffrey Collyer:

Jeffrey Collyer was born in Perth, Australia. Following stints living in the US and Chile, he finally settled in England, where he now lives with his wife, four children, and two cats that constantly try to trip him down the stairs. Although his reading (and writing) tastes are somewhat eclectic, his first love is Fantasy, as it enables all sorts of subject matter to be explored in subtle ways.

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