Monday, August 22, 2016

The Harvest Moon (Under the Moon, Book 2) by David Neth

Release date: August 6, 2016
Subgenre: Urban fantasy

About The Harvest Moon

A legacy of magic and danger.
All Danielle Bowen wants is a normal life: white picket fence, kids in the nursery, and peace and quiet with her husband Simon. But she can’t escape the fate her family has wrought for her. Born into a tradition of witchcraft, she has also inherited a deadly enemy: Toxanna, a dark witch who will stop at nothing to destroy the last of the Bowen line.

But will Danielle’s powers be enough to save her family—or even herself? And when Toxanna sets her sights on Holly, Danielle’s only daughter, will anyone have the strength to rescue the newly fledged witch? The darkness is closing around the last of the Bowens. In a world of wizards and powerful demons, how can one family of witches survive?


“Husband?” Danielle choked. She couldn’t believe Toxanna would ever take a husband.
“I’ve just been telling him all about your family and what your grandmother did to me all those years ago, and I seem to have gotten him riled up.” She now had one hand leaning on the pallet just above Danielle’s shoulder, further pinning her in place. “And what a surprise that you’re here.” She tilted her head to the side. “Unfortunately for me, I have plans with Dragonox, and I can’t kill you myself.”
Danielle kept her eyes locked on Toxanna’s. She had no way to escape, and she had just blown their cover. She was kicking herself for being so stupid. Simon would be worried about where she was. Her walk home usually only took her ten minutes.
“I have some friends that can take care of you themselves.” She raised her free hand, and three puddles circled around her. From them, bodies emerged. They didn’t have faces or any other distinctive features. The puddles had simply come alive themselves, and each took on the form of a person.
“Enjoy!” Toxanna smiled and patted Danielle’s cheek before turning and walking off with Dragonox.
Danielle lunged from her spot and tried to take cover behind the pallets, but one of the water creatures slipped through the holes in the pallet and struck at her face. Clasping a hand over her mouth, she turned and ran around the back end of the warehouse.
She stopped short when an abandoned utility truck blocked her path. Before she had time to think of the best way around, the water creatures slammed into her back, pushing her against the truck and soaking her to the bone. She slid down the truck and onto the ground.
Squirming and kicking, she struggled to get away from their grasp, but there was nothing for her to grab on to. They were made of water, and every time she kicked or punched them, her hand simply went through them.

From the liquid you were born,
I turn you now to solid form.

The creatures lurched as their bodies turned gray. Danielle could no longer see through them, and she delivered a satisfying kick into the stomach of one.
A woman with dark hair came up from behind and swatted at another with a board from one of the pallets. She delivered a powerful kick into the third one’s side and reached her hand down to help Danielle up.
Once she was back on her feet, Danielle opened her palms toward the creature and fired her magic at them, turning them to ice. The woman took a swing at each of them with the plank, and they shattered to pieces on the ground.
Out of breath, Danielle turned to the woman. “Thank you! I was a little scared for a minute.”
The woman smiled. “My pleasure.”
Danielle extended her hand. “I’m Danielle Bowen. Who are you?”
“I’m Samantha Harper.”

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About David Neth:

David Neth is the author of The Blood Moon, the first in the Under the Moon series. When he's not writing, he works at a local history magazine, despite his non-existent passion for history. He lives in Batavia, NY where he dreams of a successful publishing career and opening his own bookstore.



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