Thursday, August 18, 2016

Wild Mage (Legacy of the Blade, Book 2) by Joseph J. Bailey

Release date: August 3, 2016
Subgenre: Epic fantasy, dark fantasy

About Wild Mage


Heaven has fallen.
The legions of Chaos have overrun the world.
Uërth is in ruins.
With the Heavenly Host's fall, Angel Swords rained from the heavens, littering the world in what was.
Only the most honorable and purest of heart are able to take up the Angel Swords and wield them against the throngs of Chaos. These mighty Empyrean Knights are all that stands between Uërth and annihilation.

Maeraeth is neither a hero nor a great warrior. Nor does he wish to become an Empyrean Knight.
He just wants to be left alone with his studies.
And not be killed by demons.
But, with the destruction of the Chaos Gate, Uërth may have a chance at redemption.
If the hordes of Chaos can be contained and if no more portals to the Abyss are created.

Maeraeth's teacher, Master Nomba, has other plans for him. Plans that involve both containing demons and preventing their arrival.
So much for his studies.
And not being killed by demons.

Wild Mage is a quirky, dystopian dark fantasy adventure with elements of sword and sorcery and humorous fun.



A roiling cloud of Darkness erupted from the bare earth, a living rift into the bottomless Abyss, darker than the void between stars. The night sky above disappeared before the demon’s ebon sweep, a living sea of evil intent on engulfing our souls.
I felt the chill emptiness of the demon’s presence from afar, a cold so deep it brought my soul to a shuddering halt.
Master Nomba stood firmly before the Darkness, one small, brave old man reaching his arms out in a futile attempt to halt a raging flood with his bare hands.
Years of training kicked in, breaking the spell of my stupor: countless lessons spent at my master’s side, obeying his every command.
At least this I could do.
I ran.
I sprinted away from my master at full speed, muttering the very spell of warding against extradimensional invaders we had spent so long mastering even as I pumped my knobby arms and my long, bony legs loped down the rocky slope away from my teacher, the man who had given my life purpose.
My spell complete, magical energies gathered, wreathing me in the energies of Creation.
Finished with the incantation, I looked back over my shoulder toward Master Nomba, who was now bathed in incandescent azure flames, while a shower of ivory flower petals looped and whorled around me, a fluttering halo of sweet-scented aromatic bouquet.
White light flashed, so bright I think that I actually saw the explosion through the back of my skull. Then there was no seeing as I was catapulted through the air on a tumultuous wall of roaring sound.
At least a remnant of vision was restored when my head cracked against the earth some indeterminate distance away from my point of launch, and a universe of stars briefly occupied my vision.
When I finally woke up, surprisingly still alive, my protective halo of flowers was still hovering around me.




About Joseph J. Bailey:

When not at play with his family, Joe enjoys reading, writing, and relaxation. When he can, Joe also practices various martial traditions in which he has attained the Victim level of proficiency.


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