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A Dark Inheritance by Erme Lander

Release date: May 23, 2017
 Subgenre: Gothic, paranormal

 About A Dark Inheritance:


“I do not require your eternal love or devotion Ms Johnson, merely what is inside your veins.”

When Tina Johnson, single mother, forty, wakes up in an isolated castle in Central Europe she simply wants to return to her daughter as quickly as possible. She doesn’t expect to find that she has been kidnapped and brought into a world where power is the key to survival and sanity is an optional extra.
Tina discovers she has been watched for many years, she has a rare genetic structure that makes her attractive to vampires and has the possibility of living for well over a century, if she allows herself to become infected. Kalmár has stolen her and intends to keep her captive, hiding her from both her family and other vampires. She meets Wolfie, his bonded servant, unable to disobey the orders given by his master whether he wishes to or not. Normality becomes a frightening place as Tina struggles to escape those holding her and to fights to keep her daughter, her lover and her freedom.




Later she lay on her bed, staring at the old-fashioned walls, not seeing them. Called herself a coward for not acting decisively and tried not to think about the horrendous intimacy of a man who fed from her, sucking her blood to survive. Brooding over the locked doors and being hundreds of miles away from friends and family. No way to contact them. She sank into a pit of despair.

Tina curled up under her bedclothes having refused all Wolfie’s entreaties to come down during the night and woke with a horror creeping over her. She couldn’t see anything in the dark room, her skin crawled as she tried not to panic.

She lay and feigned sleep. Tried to keep her breathing steady and strained her ears past the blood pounding through them. A soft rustle of clothing and she caught the smell of him. He was in the room with her, she frantically tried to work out where he might be. She had a lamp on the table next to the bed. As though shifting in her sleep, Tina rolled towards it. Her hand reached out and she smothered a shriek as her wrist was grasped by long cool fingers.

“You make this too easy Ms Johnson.” Trying to wriggle free, she slapped in his direction with her other hand. He took that wrist too and pinned her to the bed, pulling her head back by her hair to expose her throat. Tina froze and whimpered, expecting him to bite as his mouth came into contact with her. Kalmár merely held her down and brushed his lips against her neck.

Point made, he reached over and threw her clothes on top of her. “I expect you downstairs, Ms Johnson.” This time she heard his heels click as he walked to the door. She lay, panting and crying through helplessness. The thought of what he might do next drove her to switch the light on. The room was empty. Sniffing, Tina pulled her jeans on and wiped her face on her sleeve. She walked slowly to the library, hating herself for giving in but not daring to rebel any further.

Kalmár greeted her as she entered and gestured to a chair. She curled up, rebellion limited to glaring at him. He picked up his book and glasses and ignored the look. “You are easier to train than a dog Ms Johnson. You understand consequences.”

Past caring, she muttered back at him, “I wouldn’t train a dog like this. They end up hating you.”

He refused to look at her as he found his way to his bookmarked page, “I do not require your eternal love or devotion Ms Johnson, merely what is inside your veins.” | Amazon UK


About Erme Lander:


More frog than princess, Erme Lander lives in Gloucestershire with her husband, two children and a mad cat. A Dark Inheritance is her first book.

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