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The Rending (The Dreamwalkers of Larreta, Book 2) by Carol Holland March

Release date: May 22, 2017
Subgenre:  Portal fantasy

About The Rending


Deadly time rifts threaten Earth and Larreta. The rifts have swallowed people, buildings and the land itself. They must be stopped before the very fabrics of both worlds are torn apart.

Dreamwalker Leo can look backward in time. Jesse can walk into the future. Both of these abilities are needed to create the dangerous truan passage to locate and defeat the mysterious instigator of the rifts.

But Jesse is a volatile newcomer, unable to completely control his abilities. And Leo is still uncertain of his personal feelings for Jesse.

Working past their issues is key to discovering the location where the rifts originate. But the dark force behind the rifts has other plans—ones that won’t allow the two dreamwalkers to remain together. And only together can the rifts be stopped.


A movement among the trees caught Leo’s attention. Adil was tall, well over seven feet, and very white, his skin a pearlescent color that took on pastel hues of pink, peach and sometimes aqua. His long white hair frizzed to his shoulders. Only his eyes were dark, deep-set and huge. His arms were longer in proportion than any human arms, and a white robe completed the effect of a ghost gliding through trees.

Adil reached them and inclined his head. “Was this your first glimpse of the morning lights, Jesse?”

“Yes, sir.” Jesse’s shoulders tensed. Leo remembered how nervous Jesse got around Adil.  

“Did you enjoy it?” This morning the Overseer’s dark eyes glowed warm with humor.

“It was wonderful,” Jesse said. “I love this place. I hope to spend time here later when things calm down.”

Adil nodded. “I think you will.” He turned toward Leo. “I have received excellent reports of your advanced training here at the Center. I am optimistic that Jesse’s foresight and your ability to see the past will, in time, combine to form the truan passage that we need to locate the source of the deadly time rifts attacking Larreta. You have made good progress toward that end in the short time. Are you ready to return to the Coast House? If not, we could extend your stay.”

“We’ll be ready,” Leo said.

Adil nodded. “You’ve always preferred action to theory, haven’t you, Leo?”

“I suppose.” He wasn’t sure if that was a good quality from the point of view of a Time Walker who had mastered the advanced physics required to travel through time and space using only the power of his mind. “The Keepers have put in place detailed protocols.”

Adil seemed to approve. “Your safety is our highest priority. If you cannot establish a truan passage that is safe to use, we will abandon this experiment. My Keepers are working on other options should the truan prove too dangerous.”

Leo glanced at Jesse who was staring at Adil’s long white feet. “We’ll make it work.”

Jesse looked up. “I trust Leo. I trust the Keepers, and I want to stop these rifts.” The loss of the Mountain House with its Keeper, Lupita, an old friend of Leo’s, had convinced them both to commit to this course.

“We are fortunate to have you,” Adil said. “Now that your training nears completion, you will both have direct access to me should you need it.”

That was unusual. Generally, a dreamwalker communicated to the Center through a Keeper or through Nara, Mentor of Larreta. “Thank you, sir,” Leo said.

Adil inclined his head. “Call and I will answer.” He turned toward the main entrance to the Temena.

Jesse dropped onto the stone bench. “He scares me.”

Leo laughed. “He’s an imposing guy.”

“Is he a guy?”

 “He gives that impression, but who knows? Maybe at his level, gender isn’t fixed.”

“Oh.” Jesse looked as if he would have to think on that.

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About Carol Holland March:

Carol Holland March lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico with two demanding dogs who offer their insight into the meaning of life in exchange for long bike rides and occasional treats. She writes stories about the mysteries that peek from behind the veil.
Her short fiction has appeared in numerous magazines and anthologies. The Tyro is the first volume of her fantasy trilogy, The Dreamwalkers of Larreta
Carol works as a coach for beginning writers and people in transition. She teaches about creativity, journaling and writing for personal development at the University of New Mexico.

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