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Rocket Surgeon by A.E. Williams

Release date: May 28, 2017
Sub-genre: Non-fiction - Aeronautics & Astronautics

About Rocket Surgeon:

Rocket Surgeon is a fun romp through the various aspects of the Space Race, Cold War, AGW and Fake News!
Science-fiction author A.E. Williams takes you on an exciting tour of the history and direction of space flight.
Using the scientific method, Williams dissects today's hot topics, uncovering some uncomfortable truths.
His personal insights collected over decades of real-world experience illustrate the journey of a lifetime!

From its beginnings as war technology, space exploration has been an enticement to many.
And Rocket Surgeon examines the entire spectrum of this saga.
Travel through the history of the various programs, from the V-2  to the present mothballing of the NASA fleet, to the private rocketry business, and beyond!
Get ready to BLAST OFF into the past, present and future of Space Flight!


Relativity in Action

Einstein’s greatest contribution, and one might think his most obvious, is the idea of RELATIVITY. 
This is the concept that means that the Observer’s perspective, that is to say, his or her position in the fabric of Space/Time, is “relative” to everything else.
This determines the factors that go towards influencing the interactions between the Observer and the Universe.
To that end, I would like to discuss the idea of this unique Perspective, and Relativity as a variable of worldview.
So, your way of looking at the world is “relative”.
And, your perspective of what is occurring around you is also “relative”.
Your experience is not the same as anyone else, so it’s important to remember that their worldview is colored differently than yours.
Einstein put it very simply, actually.
He explained it in terms of math and physics, and even told everyone that “God does not play dice with the Universe!”
He was correct.
But, God apparently loves poker.
And, it is my opinion that, one day, and very soon, we may find out that our inability to travel Faster Than Light is part of a very good bluff.
With that in mind, let the lessons begin!

The Scientific Method

You know, Science is one of the most interesting things that Humanity has conceived, and yet one of the most misunderstood.

The Scientific Method is taught in schools, but apparently not well.

Few people understand that process, which is supposed to go like this:
·         Question: The Observer sees something that makes him/her question just why what happened just happened, in just that particular way.
·         Hypothesis: The Observer comes up with some ideas about WHY this particular observation is as it is.
·         Prediction: The Observer then makes a prediction, regarding the veracity of the Hypothesis.
·         Experiment: The Observer then designs, builds and conducts an Experiment to gather data on the phenomenon, and records the outcomes.
·         Analysis: The Observer sits down and tries to mathematically prove why the observed data does or does not fit the hypothesis. Note that there is not a pre-defined outcome here, nor is one desired. The Scientific Method is purportedly objective and dispassionate. Data is merely data, not correlation nor proof.
·         Replication: Other Observers will interact with the original Observer, and if they are sufficiently trained and interested, conduct the identical experiment to gather more data. This is done to allow a more thorough understanding of why the data fits the hypothesis.
·         External review: The Observer submits his ideas and data to a review of his Peers, usually other Observers with similar training and proven ability to diagnose and understand the concepts related in the Paper.
·         Data recording and sharing: The Observer and the others will then record and publish the results formally.

IF enough evidence is collected, tests run, results analyzed and replicated, and then peer-reviewed, then there is the possibility that a scientific theory can be produced.

This is a well-substantiated explanation of some aspect of the natural world that is acquired through the scientific method and repeatedly tested and confirmed, preferably using a defined protocol from which observations can be made and experiments performed.

It is important to note that these theories are understood to conform to a set of rigorous standards in order to be considered the MOST comprehensive form of scientific knowledge.

A ‘theory’ is not just an ‘idea’ – it is an idea whose veracity is unassailable from the perspective of having been thoroughly tested, confirmed, and most importantly, agreed upon because the results are repeatable under identical conditions of testing.

The reason I am illustrating what is a universally accepted concept is because there are many things that are presented as ‘science’ that are usually thinly-veiled attempts to push an agenda of one sort or another.

Vaccination, sexual preference or gender identity and intelligence testing fall into this category.

While there are many persuasive arguments made about these and other subjects, the tendency to either demonize or dehumanize the proponents on one side by the opponents of the other is strong.

This is NOT science.

This is politics.


About A.E. Williams: 

A.E. Williams has a unique background of military experience, aerospace engineering and intelligence analysis.

Born near Pittsburgh, A.E. Williams is man of a mystery. As a young man, Williams served the United States government in various capacities, which he then followed with ten years as an outfitter. Williams finally retired and moved down to rural central Florida, where he ran a medium - sized tilapia farm. He did his writing at night, usually accompanied by a bottle of Maker's Mark bourbon and a large supply of Classic Dr. Pepper and ice.

A.E. Williams is the author of the exciting hard science fiction series Terminal Reset, which is about the effects of a mysterious force from billions of miles away from Earth that was formed millions of years ago. When The Wave strikes, everything changes!

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