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Witch Spelling by A. Woodley

Release date: May 24, 2017
Subgenre: Urban fantasy

About Witch Spelling


A fictional tale of witches, warlocks and wizards trying to fit in with the mundane way of life but always fearful of the consequences of being found out, especially after having already been persecuted and driven out of another town previously.
An accidental skirmish between two differing species, (both of which were once witches and warlocks) banished to adjoining worlds in an alternative dimension.
The chonguns had size and brute strength on their side but the rengans had some magic, even though it was somewhat limited.
There was no telling or even guessing if it did progress into a battle, if it would be a fair fight or which side had a better chance of winning.



Lusia, Sadie and Petra were born as pure witches, their mother Megana was a pure witch and their father Vorn was a pure warlock.
Although in the past, the term ‘warlock’ was used in a derogatory manner and actually meant that the male witch was an ‘oathbreaker’, that use had become out-dated, it had become easier over time to just label male witches simply as warlocks.
There were some differences between a male witch and a warlock but the younger male witches preferred to identify themselves as warlocks simply because it sounded ‘cool’, ‘macho’ or even ‘hard’.
Male witch sounded to them to be far inferior to the term ‘warlock’ even though generally male witches were more adept at performing healing spells and were far more knowledgeable regarding useful herbs and potions for all manner of other spells, it just didn’t sound manly enough.
The three sisters had each started to show signs of being able to use their witchery from a very young age, even before they could talk or walk, which made it very difficult to keep their witchy doings a secret from the local people that they encountered, while out and about with their parents outside of the magical communities.
Trying to teach the young children that it was wrong to use their witch powers outside of the house was incredibly difficult, especially as very often, they would only discover that they even had them when they came across them by accident.
It was as easy to cast a spell as it was to think of it, of course they would have to learn the more complex spells as they got older but the simplest ones, like wanting a toy, switching lights on and off or opening and closing doors was child’s play to a witch baby, they only had to think of it to be able to do it.
As soon as they were old enough to start climbing out of their cots, witch and warlock babies would have to have an invisible, magical safety shield added to the cot to prevent them from escaping.
Although the parents could still reach into the cot with the shield in place, the babies were held securely in there while the parents enjoyed an undisturbed sleep.
The shield also had the advantage of preventing the children from being able to spell any naughty or mischievous escapades.
Young children being allowed to discover their magical capabilities, with the parents nearby to watch over them for the child’s safety, while they learnt to perfect their new skills was fine in the home.
However, taking three young girls out that could cause all kinds of mischief, without them even knowing that it should be kept a secret, was just asking for trouble.

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About A. Woodley:

Born in London (South East) many moons ago (1954) & now living in the land of the concrete cows & roundabouts (we're famous for both) in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, UK.
I started writing poetry & children's books so long ago but did nothing with them.
The children's books need illustrations & that is far beyond my capabilities.
The poetry sat in folders, unattended & forgotten for the most part until I recently came across some publishing info online.
I decided to dig out my old writings & sent off a manuscript to a publisher, they liked my manuscript & offered me a contract but wanted to share (refundable) costs, which was too much for my poor finances to cope with and I had no interest in vanity publishing anyway.
I was then told about self publishing with Amazon & checked it out, so here I am.
My 1st two ebooks  'Glimmer of hope' and 'Life and more'  are random collections of 50 poems in each book,
I do understand that there isn't a huge market for poetry but maybe some people will enjoy my efforts.
I think my favourite poem so far that I've written is 'I want to be a tree'.
My Daughter & Granddaughter have given me lots of encouragement to get published over the years & it now felt like the right time to try.
Eventually I plan to get my children's books published with the help of my Grandaughter, who is artistic but doesn't have a lot of free time, so that could take a while.
I have now written several more short stories, a book of 20 murder short stories (Murder Melange) and I'm currently writing a new book.


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