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Back to Black (The Black Parade, Book 4) by Kyoko M.

Release date: December 4, 2017
Subgenre: Urban fantasy

About Back to Black


Seer and demon slayer Jordan Amador has had it rough lately: separated from her husband the archangel Michael, hated by the angels who think she betrayed them, hunted by demons who want her dead or enslaved, and rejected by her friends and family for lying to them. Disgraced and miserable, she’s all but ready to lay down and die until another Seer named Myra Bennett saves her life. Myra gives Jordan a new mission: to wipe out a nest of demons that are terrorizing her family as well as the innocent people of Houston, Texas. Jordan goes undercover to infiltrate the demons’ nest and figure out how to eliminate them. Meanwhile, she’s locked in a deadly game with the archdemon Belial, who constantly visits her night after night in her dreams to convince her to give him her soul. Between the insanely gorgeous, but dangerous archdemon poking around in her head and the vicious creatures surrounding her, she’s not sure how much longer she can survive.

Back to Black takes place between She Who Fights Monsters and The Holy Dark in the Black Parade series.



I took the rose, snapped the stem in half, and threw it away. “Get to the point, asshole. What do you want?”
Belial breathed in, as if summoning more of his patience, and fixed me with a steady stare. The five archdemons of Hell had the same mark of royalty—slitted pupils instead of round ones. He reminded me of a snake when he stared at me like that, and it wasn’t far from the truth. There was nothing he wanted more than to devour me whole. I suppressed a small shudder at the thought.
“To chase you.”
I stared at him. “What?”
He grinned. “You heard me, Seer. Run.”
“What are you, nine? I’m not playing Hide-and-Seek with you, especially since you just said I’m mostly dead right now.”
“It’s less of Hide-and-Go-Seek,” he said, folding his arms behind him. “More Hide-and-Go-Freak, if that is still the colloquialism.”
It took me several seconds to speak, and the response came through my clenched teeth. “You have exactly three seconds to get away from me before I strangle you to death.”
“Skipping the foreplay, are we?”
“Look, if you’re going to try to kill me or assault me, we’re going to square off. I’m not a coward. I don’t run. I’ve killed you before and I’ll do it again, with or without my body.”
He arched a thin eyebrow. “You will, will you? Go ahead. Summon a weapon. Kill me, Seer. I dare you.”
I lowered my right hand and focused all my energy into forming a Smith & Wesson .9mm semiautomatic. It materialized in my hand—heavy, formidable, and reliable.
I raised the gun to his head and pulled the trigger.
Belial lifted his hand and caught the freaking bullet.
I stared at the barrel of the gun in disbelief and then emptied the clip.
I couldn’t follow the motion, but I knew that I’d seen his arm and shoulder move. He opened his hand and all of the slugs clinked together on his palm.
Well, shit.
Belial tipped his hand over and let the bullets hit the grass. He looked up at me again and the serpentine smile on his lips made me shiver.
I threw the gun at him.
It whacked him dead in the forehead and he snarled in pained surprise. That was my only victory before I turned and ran at a dead sprint into the maze.
Right. Left. Right. Left. Left, left, left, right, right, left, right.
I didn’t think about it. No time to think. Act. Flee. Survive.
I’d been running for what felt like eons before my weary body forced me to stop. I found a corner and knelt in the cold, dark leaves of one of the maze shrubs, panting for air. This didn’t make any sense. Why had he brought me here? What was the point? And how was I going to get out of here?



About Kyoko M:

Kyoko M is an author, a fangirl, and an avid book reader. Her debut novel, The Black Parade, has been on Amazon's Bestseller List at #5 in the Occult Horror category. She has a Bachelor of Arts in English Lit degree from the University of Georgia, which gave her every valid excuse to devour book after book with a concentration in Greek mythology and Christian mythology. When not working feverishly on a manuscript (or two), she can be found buried under her Dashboard on Tumblr, or chatting with fellow nerds on Twitter, or curled up with a good Harry Dresden novel on a warm central Florida night. Like any author, she wants nothing more than to contribute something great to the best profession in the world, no matter how small. 

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