Tuesday, December 19, 2017

The Siege of Sirius: A Splintered Galaxy Novel by Eddie R. Hicks

Release date: December 12, 2017
Subgenre: Space opera

About The Siege of Sirius


The dream to travel to the stars has become the nightmare to escape from them.
Rebecca’s passion for space exploration made her a captain. Living through an alien invasion made her strong enough to endure the harshness of the galaxy.

Rebecca has been given the opportunity of a life time, command of the ESRS Carl Sagan an exploration and colonization starship. She along with her trusted crew embark on an expedition to establish the human race’s most remote colony located in the heart of the Sirius system.

Upon awaking from their multiyear cryostasis sleep, Rebecca and her crew quickly discovers that what exists in the Sirius system isn’t what scientists had predicted.

Not even remotely close.

Their journey to the brightest star in the skies of Earth has now become a dreadful catastrophe with the potential to reach Earth if left unchecked. With innocent colonists at risk and no means of communicating with Earth, Rebecca must abandon her primary mission of exploration in order to take on a new one, survival.

Fans of Star Trek, Mass Effect and Stargate will feel right at home with this standalone spin-off adventure part of the Splintered Galaxy series. It is not necessary to read any of the other books to enjoy this.



A strong storm front pushed onto the east coast of America . . . and the rest of the world.
Plasma rained from the skies, it didn’t stop. Its thunderous roars leveled entire cities in a matter of minutes. Rebecca’s home was no longer safe.
Her eyes opened, her head throbbed with pain, her hair a disaster, and her teenage body pinned under a bookshelf. Every window shattered into thousands of fragments. The TV crashed onto the burning floor; seconds earlier it was playing the Emergency Alert System. Her home glowed red and orange as raging fires ripped through it, releasing intense heat and choking smoke in its wake. The ground rumbled, over and over.
Expensive posh curtains had been reduced to charred material, the staircase leading upstairs had all but collapsed. Her mother frantically yanked Rebecca back up after unburying her from the fallen bookshelf and debris amidst the hellfire inferno. Rebecca staggered slightly upon seeing the state of their once upscale neighborhood. It was as if the apocalypse was upon them.
Alien space ships appeared before the rising sun, spilling orbs of green plasma down onto the city of Nashville.
Her mother tugged on her arm trying to drag her out of the burning house and out and into her car. Only it’s not where Rebecca wanted to go, not yet at least. She broke free from her mother’s grip and darted to their backyard patio, past the searing, hot flames and black smoke. She couldn’t leave it behind, not after all the work she had put into earning enough money to buy it for her father. The telescope had to come with them during their escape, alien invaders were not going to take it away.
Rebecca had fond memories of growing up in this house over the last eighteen years of her life. She ran through its halls and rooms enough times to know how long it would take to run to the patio, then run back into the house and out the front door to freedom. Ignore the fire, heat, and smoke, and you got this, she told herself. Yes, there was no reason why she shouldn’t try to get the telescope before turning tail and fleeing.
Her mother panicked and pleaded with her to return as Rebecca made her way through the flames; pleading that went unanswered, Rebecca needed to focus on the task at hand. She arrived at the deck, it too was set ablaze. Her bare feet bled; she forgot to take into account the hot shards of glass littering the floor. Rebecca secured the telescope in her hands, refusing to look at and assess the damage done to her body.
There was one final task left; to escape with the telescope in hand. A task she didn’t plan out very well as she saw the flames that engulfed her home spread quickly. There was no safe route back to the driveway up front. The heat caused her to sweat profusely and the smoke forced her to cough nonstop.
She heard what sounded like her father calling out to her from inside. She tried to follow the source of his voice, in hopes that he might have found a safe route to travel inside the burning house. Her frantic search for her father’s voice came to an end when she was once again knocked backward in the wake of plasma bombardment from the alien invaders.

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About Eddie R. Hicks:

Eddie R. Hicks is a Canadian author known as a man of many talents, and for good reason. He’s educated in media arts, journalism, and culinary arts, and now he writes dark and sexy science-fiction thrillers such as the Splintered Galaxy series.

If he’s not working with skilled chefs in the restaurant industry, baking an epic red velvet cake for the hell of it, or playing video games, then he’s in front of his computer doing what he always dreamed of doing since he was a kid: storytelling.

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