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Fate's Fallen by Dean Rencraft

Release date: November 14, 2017
Subgenre: Urban fantasy, Paranormal romance

About Fate's Fallen


Two men from the First Blood, both destined to claim a woman of prophecy. One Shifter, one Vampire.

From the streets, to the first real home she has ever known, twenty-four year old Jenna Waters is trying to build a normal life while continuing to look for the answers to a series of traumatic childhood events that drove her from her only living family.

A bizarre set of circumstances, which her best friend would call Kismet, leads her to White Falls, VA. Amidst adjusting to a series of unexpected and violent attacks and the life of her dreams, Jenna starts to learn the true value of love and family as she restores her dream-home and meets two men at odds with one another but determined to be a part of her life.

It isn't long before secrets start to unravel and her dark past and unknown bloodlines force her to make choices that could end everything she has worked so hard to gain... including her own sanity. Through a twist of chance, reality shifts and blood and death follow Jenna into her new life, looking to rewrite the oldest of prophecies before Jenna can decide who, or what, will become of her and Fate's fallen.

Content Warning: Moderately Graphic Content.



Immortal was one of three clubs in White Fall’s and Jenna was surprised by how busy it was. Blue and red lights flashed overhead and there was a dark vibe, almost gothic in its intensity. Haunting sounds drifted loudly from a large stage and low platforms for dancing were set up in strategic locations near both of the two long bars bordering stairs to a second level. The bars were manned by no less than five bartenders each and still seemed backed up as barmaids and customers alike shouted orders to each other in between loud laughter and boisterous conversations.
Despite the noise and large crowd, there was an implied intimacy to the smoky haze and dim lighting, pulsing with the beat of the surreal music. It was sensual, erotic, and Jenna felt that slide through her with an insidious grace and welcome that delighted her after the long weeks of stress and loss. Laughing, she threw her head back, long hair falling down her bare shoulders and back as she let herself go and fell into the music. Hips and shoulders moved gracefully and she closed her eyes, feeling hard, cool hands come to her waist over the sheer black material gathered there.
“Not tonight O’Bryan,” sliding closer without opening her eyes. “Tonight you don’t exist outside of dancing.” His hands tightened at her waist before relaxing once more and they moved, his touch guiding her as sure as if they had danced a million times before. Lost in a different time and another world, she let him, relishing the heat of his large frame as he pulled her to him and his hot breath touched the sensitive base of her neck. Keeping her eyes closed, she let the waves of desire flow through her, the hard body pressing into her smaller frame as intoxicating as any three bottles of the sweetest liquor.
Jenna felt a hard nip at the base of her throat and gasped as she was pulled roughly from her partner’s arms.
“She’s not yours to mark O’Bryan.” She heard.
Stumbling, she opened her eyes wide as she saw Kade and O’Bryan squaring off against each other in the middle of the dance floor and put her hands to her hips in blind fury.
“The Fed?” Cass asked lightly from beside her, sounding disappointed. Jenna just nodded and kept glaring, not really in the mood to wait for them to notice her. “Did you know you’re bleeding?” she asked casually.
Jenna touched the side of her neck where O’Bryan had bitten her and took a deep breath. “Seriously?” she asked.
Grabbing Cass, she moved over to the bar and grabbed a napkin before smiling at a group of guys standing around watching the two young women.
“You guys like to dance?” she asked.


About Dean Rencraft:

Dean Rencraft is an eclectic and enthusiastic reader of all genres and a new Author of Epic fantasy/fantasy, appropriate for both teens and adults. Born in the beautiful Black Hills, Dean has traveled extensively and now, as a parent with grown children, enjoys spending time reading, researching, camping and hiking. Legally blind and a long term victim of APS, writing is now the Author's greatest joy and main pursuit, escaping into the world of Fantasy and using the proceeds for experimental treatments and technology. 

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