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Celestial Incursion (Edge of the Splintered Galaxy, Book 1) by Eddie R. Hicks

Release date: June 12, 2018
Subgenre: Space opera, Science fantasy

About Celestial Incursion:


Humans, aliens, and dragons. Who will inherit the galaxy?

They said aliens didn’t exist, until they landed on the White House lawn.

They said dragons didn’t exist, until they arrived in the galaxy . . . To turn it into cosmic dust.

A new threat from beyond the galaxy rim has emerged, taking the lives of humans and aliens across the Milky Way. They look like dragons. They sound like dragons. They burn our cities like dragons . . . and apparently our spaceships too.

Captain Rebecca Foster is no stranger to saving the galaxy from mythological beings that shouldn’t exist but do. Dealing with dragons from beyond the galactic rim is a task she and her crew are more than qualified for. The new Earth government, however, disagrees, and sends the Marines instead, grounding Rebecca and her crew until further notice.

And then things don’t go according to plan . . .

Salvation for the galaxy now lies in the hands of Rebecca’s ability to get back into the captain’s chair and show the galaxy how you slay dragons with 22nd century weapons and technology.

Science-fiction and fantasy collide with explosive results in this action-packed adventure set in the Splintered Galaxy universe.




A magnificent sight in the darkened skies of Neptune’s largest moon, Triton, appeared overhead.
It forced many of the colonists to stand before the windows of their homes, within the domed heated cities, and stare up into the cosmos to view it. That magnificent object was not the gigantic blue orb of Neptune as that was the second most beautiful thing. What had the colonists’ attention was the ESV Julius Caesar, a behemoth-sized Earth-built dreadnaught and the flagship of the United Nations of Earth’s (UNE) navy as it made its flyby orbiting the gas giant.
The Julius Caesar was the largest ship constructed by mankind. And as far as some people were concerned, such as its CO, Admiral Agatha Chevallier, the Julius Caesar was more than capable of obliterating the Imperial dreadnaught, Leviathan, despite the many upgrades the Leviathan received over the last half century.
Not that she had the opportunity to take the Julius Caesar into real hardcore combat. Galactic peace treaties and ceasefires tended to make war a thing of the past.
That was all about to change.
“Admiral on the bridge.”
Admiral Agatha Chevallier gave a slight nod to the lieutenant-commander as he acknowledged her presence. She casually moved past workstation after workstation on the bridge, noting the diligent work the crew was putting in, though there wasn’t a doubt in her mind that people had been in a more laid-back position prior to her stepping out of the elevator.
The Commander nodded while he offered her seat back at the central command chair. His middle-age-like appearance was comparable to hers as it masked the fact he recently celebrated his one-hundred and second birthday. Gene therapy, it changed the rules of life as a human. Gone were the days when one would grow old, wither, and die. In were the days of immortality and age rollbacks.
Agatha made it a requirement of her senior staff to appear older. Agatha, being born in the twentieth century, was a firm believer that admirals, captains, and first officers should look older than the rest of the crew.
“Admiral,” a young lieutenant called out to her, well, young in appearance. The downside of gene therapy, you could no longer tell how old someone truly was by appearance alone.
“Yes, Lieutenant?” Agatha replied with her French accent.
The lieutenant angled his holographic screen and double-checked the flashing notification pulsing in its far-left corner. “I’m receiving a distress signal from the Edward Codrington.”
“Distress signal?” Agatha stood behind him with her arms crossed, the lights from the ceiling shining down upon the flag of France on her UNE navy uniform. “Are they not here in Sol with us?”
“Yes, Admiral, they are.”
“Put them through.”
“Aye, Admiral.”
The lieutenant’s fingers tapped a command on his holo screen. It sent a signal to her Holographic Neural Implant (HNI), in which she forced the computer implant in her brain to create a small projection in front of her. On the projection was the captain of the Edward Codrington, sitting on his captain’s chair on a bridge full of choking smoke, raging fires, and despair.


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About Eddie R. Hicks:


Eddie R. Hicks is a Canadian author known as a man of many talents, and for good reason. He’s educated in media arts, journalism, and culinary arts, and now he writes dark and sexy science-fiction thrillers such as the Splintered Galaxy series.

If he’s not working with skilled chefs in the restaurant industry, baking an epic red velvet cake for the hell of it, or playing video games, then he’s in front of his computer doing what he always dreamed of doing since he was a kid: storytelling.


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