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The Luck Thieves (Crime and Magic in the New Russia, Book 2) by James Beach

Release date: June 8, 2018
Subgenre: Supernatural crime fiction, Urban fantasy

About The Luck Thieves:


Someone stole Aurelian's luck - and is coming for his life.




The bullet was gone from Aurelian’s back, but its ghost remained as pain. He leaned back in the small room’s sole piece of furniture, a couch that probably dated back to Khrushchev. The movement made him wince. 

The veterinarian they’d bribed into removing the bullet said Aurelian he was lucky - the low caliber slug had hit muscle instead of bone, head or heart. Aurelian had to laugh at calling this luck. It stung more than his usual rolls of the dice. Life as a thief in post-Soviet St. Petersburg had been hard enough. Then he became ensnared into violent dances with things that should not be. 

Still he could not deny his good fortune in being alive. Even more, along the way he had met Lyita. In underground lairs lost since Stalin they had saved the entire city. 

Then they had returned to the surface, to find the world very much the same. He had looked high and low for any of the spoils from the Hermitage museum theft that had led to the bullet in his back, to no avail. He remained as poor as ever, and still on the run from the law. 
At least Lyita’s friends gave them a place to stay while he healed. This cramped room and couch weren’t much, but they were far warmer than the streets. 

Lyita had returned to work herself, and left Aurelian to heal. That was a week ago. She had been as good and patient with him as any woman could be under the circumstances. Aurelian would have to find work too, and soon. It might even have to be hon.
His Lyita…he did like the sound of that.
She was lovely, and often moody, and smart - maybe smarter than him, although of course it never did a man good to admit something like that. Yet she stayed with him. Maybe she wasn’t that smart after all. Not that he was so bad himself. Sure, he was average height. But he was also pretty fit, from years of getting in and out of buildings and situations. Whatever her  reasons for liking him, he was glad of them. It was time to not make her think too hard about the reasons. 
He moved on the couch, wincing more as a result, and snatched the newspaper he had left on the couch’s armrest. He looked through the work advertisements again. Maybe there was something he had missed. 

Suddenly there was.  

Seeking light construction workers. Skilled or unskilled, pay cash at end of day. Meet at the docks at 3pm today. 
An address followed, near the Port of St. Petersburg. 

The position was perfect for him. How had he missed it?

A chill ran across his back, as if a wind blew across the room. He looked around nervously. The last time he’d felt something similar, he’d ended up shot. This lousy little apartment still shouldn’t have a sudden draft like that. 

He wished Lyita were here, so at least he could ask her if spirits were involved. Those strange skills of hers helped save them both before. 

Aurelian shook his head. Dark magic and a job ad? He did not want to face his woman with fears that sounded like excuses not to work. He locked his foreboding away.

Light construction was something he could do. It might require some sort of kickback to local mafia, but that shouldn’t be too bad for a man who knew how to handle himself.




About James Beach:

James Beach is a writer, photographer and recovering musician. He was born and raised in New Jersey, and was once told he was a bad Photoshop superimposition on the East Coast. He successfully escaped and now lives in San Francisco, a perfect locale for exploring his emerging super powers.


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