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Entangled Earth by David Lea

Release dtae: May 30, 2018
Subgenre: Apocalyptic Science Fiction

About Entangled Earth:


Physics isn’t easy. Rule number one should always be ‘Don’t Destroy The World’. Sometimes science doesn’t follow the rules.

An experiment gone wrong means the Earth only has days left before it is torn apart by an invisible parallel world. Everyday activities become waves of destruction as the influence of the parallel world devastates the planet. Unstoppable, invisible cars plough through buildings, flocks of unseen birds tear people apart. When death is round every corner, what hope does anyone have?

Physicist Mia Green finds herself stuck in Paris, in the middle of the unnatural disaster. With calamity only ever a step away, she has to get home to England to find her family and stop the experiment that’s ending the world, but that’s easier said than done when the entire world has become an invisible and unpredictable puzzle filled with unseen danger?



The golf course seemed to sit above the ground on the other side and so looked relatively untouched compared to the city. Occasionally they would hit the top edge of an invisible sloped roof poking up a few feet out of the ground but they were easily bypassed or scaled if Bruce was feeling adventurous. Progress was relatively fast. The only thing they had to watch out for was the strange indentations left in the grass by the movement of cars burrowing like mechanical moles deep under the earth beneath them and the rumbling of the moving earth meant they were easy to spot coming. Then even those stopped appearing. They had become strangely accustomed to the strange invisible world around them and now the silence and calm was slightly uneasy. The calm didn’t last long. Up ahead of them a sudden burst of soil plumed out of the ground and was followed by a thump as a perfectly circular eight-inch hole appeared in the ground nearby. A few seconds later it happened again, a plume followed by a hole, further away this time and off to their right. They all stepped back, wary of the earth erupting underneath them.
“What do you think it is?” asked Abraham.
“No idea,” said Bruce. Mia just shrugged.
They watched for a few minutes fascinated by the strange phenomenon. The ground where the eruptions were happening was clearly unstable, small ripples seemed to flow around it like miniature versions of the car trails they’d seen from the tower. Every few seconds the earth would erupt and then a hole would appear.
“It’s a football match!” said Abraham suddenly, looking pleased with himself. “They must be a way below us here and the eruptions are the ball. You can see them running about.”
Once the idea was out it was obvious he was right. The odd rippling ground mapped out a large rectangle roughly the shape of a football pitch.
“Come on, let’s not stay to find out who wins. Soccer’s a stupid game anyway,” said Bruce.
They edged their way around the match, gradually approaching a bank of trees that marked the boundary of the golf course. They made their way through the trees and emerged onto a deserted road.
“Signpost. Is that good?” said Bruce, nudging Mia and pointing up ahead.
Mia looked up and saw the sign. Calais, 265km. “Calais! We’re going the right way! Bruce, you are a fucking genius!”
“Yeah, only two hundred and fifty kilometres, the English Channel and half of England to go. We’d better start walking.”
Below the sign for Calais was another sign. The name of whatever town it was pointing towards had been punched out of the metal leaving a big hole. The sign just said “ere 2km”. “ere” was between them and the coast. They started walking. | Amazon UK | Paperback

About David Lea:

David Lea was born in Manchester in the United Kingdom in 1977. He grew up in Cheshire, not including a year in Washington DC as an impressionable 7 year old. In his 20's David moved to London where he spent 10 years as a Forensic Scientist before moving into Business Analysis. He now lives in West Sussex.

David's first novel was Entangled Earth, an apocalyptic thriller, released in mid-2018. His next novel, Under Three Skies, is currently in progress.


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