Thursday, July 12, 2018

Space Deputy (Interstellar Sheriff, Book 1) by Jenny Schwartz

Release date: July 2, 2018
Subgenre: Space western

About Space Deputy:


A millennium into the future, the Saloon Sector is where the Wild West meets the 1950s, in space, with robots. It’s where careers go to die.

Thelma Bach graduated top of her class after four years at the Galactic Justice academy. But she’s a Rock Sector citizen. The core worlders were never going to let her transcend her background. So she’s been assigned to serve her seven years as a deputy in the Saloon Sector. The message for the Federation’s out-world citizens is clear: you’ll never be our equal, so don’t even try.

The stuffy bureaucrats of the Galactic Justice service chose the wrong person to push around. Thelma will subvert her interstellar sheriff, charm artificial intelligences, fight bandits and hunt the legendary Eldorado Cache. But with the frontier region holding secrets of its own, she needs to choose her new allies wisely because a scary, business-suited enemy is hunting her.

“Space Deputy” is a fast-paced, offbeat space adventure.




This rule changed everything.
If she’d been sent back to the Rock Sector, she’d have been at home, but she’d also have been locked into a rigid routine, probably acting as an interstellar inspector and annoying hard-working miners by investigating their operations on distant asteroids.
But the Galactic Justice service hadn’t wanted her to have the comforts of home. They’d wanted to underline just how bad things could get for uppity Rockers—Rock Sector citizens—who tried to crash core world institutions of privilege.
She’d been banished, but she could spin this.
Excitement raced through her, quickening her heartbeat and breathing. She’d had three years at college; four years at the elite Galactic Justice academy. What had she learned? What could she use to turn her exile in the Saloon Sector into a giant sod you to the bigots at the academy and in government?
Ever so slowly, Thelma smiled.
Her table mates leaned away from her. Their survival instincts were excellent.




About Jenny Schwartz:

Jenny Schwartz was born to write. Her high school yearbook even predicted she'd become an author! Whether it's paranormal romance, science fiction or any of the other genres she's written, Jenny's one non-negotiable point is that there's a happy ending to the story. Her own happy-ever-after involves living by the sea. Imagine it: walking from your home, down the beach path to dig your bare toes into the sand, while you watch whales swim past, and all with a mug of hot coffee in your hands. Heaven.





  1. Thanks so much for sharing "Space Deputy" with everyone. Happy galactic adventures!

    1. You're welcome. We're always happy to feature one of your books.