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In Love with a Grizzly (Black OakShifters, Book 2) by Desireé Moon

Release date: September 24, 2015
Subgenre: Paranormal romance

About In Love with a Grizzly

A wedding with werebears is one huge headache...

Nina Jacoby has been settling in with her new life as bride to both of the alpha grizzlies in Black Oak forest--Rafe and Axle Hart. And no doubt, both of her alphas have been keeping their gorgeous mate very occupied. However, not all of the werebears accept the weak and tiny human--forcing a huge rift that divides the clan. With less help around the lumberyard, Rafe is feeling pressure from all sides. Nina panics, questioning whether she made a mistake in adopting the werebear way of life. Despite all of the doom and gloom, Axle comes up with a secret plan of his own.

Will Nina finally feel accepted in her new home? 



Nina gazed out of her window. Outside, poppy, ochre and copper colored leaves tumbled down the glass. Early fall arrived much faster than Nina expected. Still, the Alaskan cold remained and winter would be around the corner. She carefully grasped her free falling braids from her eyes. Not long ago, she got lost in the heart of Black Oak forest. Her plans never involved staying. Or, finding a home.
But that’s exactly what she found. 
 Getting used to the rough and tumble grizzly life certainly was a challenge. The werebears in the Birch Valley were very hard workers and they expected as much out of her. But when quitting time came, they knew how to cut loose and enjoy the simple pleasures in life. Given her past, and the hell she went through with her ex-husband, Nina cherished their loyal and honest way of life. She tugged on one of her long braids, daydreaming about her capable alpha shifters—Rafe and Axle.
She exhaled deeply reminiscing about how her alphas both held her this morning, peeling off her clothes, and taking their careful turns with her body. She recalled the sound of them both lowering their zippers… The rumble of a growl caught in their throats… The hot touch of their rough hands. Their pure shifter lust pulsing through their veins. Nina never thought she’d love two men—two alphas—at the same time. But she’d have it no other way.
The scent of fir trees wafted in when she slightly cracked open the kitchen window. It gave Nina a sense of calm. The other bears in the clan no longer saw her as some outsider, rather, she was the future of their survival. Soon she would be a mother to a litter of cubs of her own. But Nina didn’t want to think too far into the future. Giving birth and being a mother caused her a lot of worry.  Rafe had gone off to the main office, but Nina stared at Axle through the window working hard in the garden. He wore no shirt despite the morning chill.
Nina stepped out her door and padded out further into the garden.
“Axle!” Nina called, trying to see if Axle could hear her. “You’re always up so early…”
Axle circled his hulking body around. His red eyes glowering at her made her hitch a breath. A grin stretched across his face. He loved to see Nina first thing in the morning. Her hair usually looked wild and unruly. Afro curls fluttering in the direction of the wind. However, this time her hair had been tamed in bouncy sleek braids. The silk night gown she wore hugged every inch of her curves, driving his shifter lust into a frenzy.
“Someone has to get the work done around here,” he growled.
Nina snorted. “I’m not sure how much work actually gets done around here, to be quite honest,” she replied, teasing.
From behind, she wrapped her arms around the breadth of Axle’s shoulders. 




About Desireé Moon:

Desireé Moon is an Atlanta based author and a sci-fi and fantasy addict. When she's not dreaming up sexy alpha heroes, she's probably somewhere watching cartoons. Yeah, she's pretty awkward and proud of it. Currently, her biggest hope is to survive the inevitable zombie apocalypse. Sign up for her newsletter for exclusive freebies, teasers and ARCs!  

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