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Lost with a Grizzly (Black Oak Shifters, Book 1) by Desireé Moon

Release date: September 24, 2015
Subgenre: Paranormal romance

About Lost with a Grizzly

Out in the cold and escaping from a horrific past...

Nina Jacoby makes a desperate escape and runs away from her abusive past. When she stops to catch her breath, she finds herself in Black Oak forest. A home to shifters in the icy Alaskan wilderness. She meets Rafe Hart--a grizzly who runs a lumber yard nearby. Immediately, he's entranced by her fuzzy curls, and luscious curves--eager to seek out a mate. But not if his brother Axle has anything to say about it!

Axle can't stand Nina and her weak-puny-human ways. The two of them hate each other instantly, but slowly Nina starts to chip away at his ice-cold heart. Nina's about to find out that living with grizzlies is not as easy as it seems. With these two bears at her beck and call, just how will poor Nina keep herself warm through those snowy winter nights?



A scream clogged in Nina’s throat. She had known that by running into the forest, she was putting her life in mortal danger. Feeling the blood chill in her veins, she suddenly imagined a beast ferociously ripping into her. She turned around slowly, expecting to see sharp claws and fangs.

Instead, she saw a tall man with dark blonde hair. He wore a flannel button down tucked into his very snug fitted jeans. On his feet were heavy boots, with large spikes to trudge through hard ice. His tanned biceps bulged out of the cuffed up sleeves of his shirt. Nina couldn’t look away from his darkening violet eyes and gawked at his tightly clenched jaw. In one hand, he toted a dull-edged axe.  He eyed her back before speaking with his warm voice.

“Careful, you oughta know you’re close to the shifter border. You need to turn back,” he warned her.

The mystery man sniffed the air, inhaling the scent of the woman. His eyes fixed on her smooth dark skin and he focused his gaze on her several purple-colored bruises.

He figured that wherever she came from, she had zero interest in going back. He could smell blood on her, and he snarled from his throat. The sweet smell of fresh blood made him have to fight his own urge of wanting to lick her body right then and there, taste it. When Nina inhaled, he could clearly see the soft peaks of her nipples pressing through the cloth of her nightgown. Nina backed away slowly—ready to run.

“Are you lost?” he grunted.

Nina backed away, “No. I’m just running... I don’t know where. Are you going to hurt me? Who are you?”

His fingers tightened on the handle of the axe. He stepped closer into the flood of moonlight.  Humans were well aware that shifters existed, but most of the time they rarely intermingled; by law they had to stay in their own territories. The quaint Alaskan town of Mulberry had a special task force, known only as The Covenant, to make sure the beasts never strayed outside of the borders of Black Oak Forest.  People often got lost in Black Oak and never returned. To shifters, humans were mostly a nuisance. They brought more trouble than it was worth. But this human, in particular, had caught this shifter’s undivided attention.

 “Don’t worry,” he said. “I’m not going to hurt you. My name is Rafe Hart, and I run a logging camp in Birch Valley—a few miles down the way. If you stay in this cold for too long, wearing so little, you'll suffer hypothermia,” Rafe said.

“I can’t… I can’t feel my legs,” Nina replied at a whisper.

Nina already could hardly feel her fingers. Her entire body felt stiff—she was going numb. She collapsed on her knees into the icy grass.

Carefully, Rafe lowered his axe. He rushed over to her and scooped up her limp body. Nina could hear the sound of his heart pounding in his broad chest. He held her tight as he charged through the dark wood.




About Desireé Moon:

Desireé Moon is an Atlanta based author and a sci-fi and fantasy addict. When she's not dreaming up sexy alpha heroes, she's probably somewhere watching cartoons. Yeah, she's pretty awkward and proud of it. Currently, her biggest hope is to survive the inevitable zombie apocalypse. Sign up for her newsletter for exclusive freebies, teasers and ARCs!  

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  1. Thank you Cora for featuring my novella. This is awesome!--Desireé