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Rider's Revenge by Alessandra Clarke

Release date: September 29, 2015
Subgenre: YA fantasy

About Rider's Revenge:


K'lrsa loves her life as a Rider for the White Horse Tribe. She spends her days hunting with her Amalanee horse, Fallion, and her nights avoiding her mother's attempts to settle her down.

Even though there are hints that the world around her is changing, K'lrsa thinks her life is perfect.

Until the day her father is brutally murdered and she sets out to avenge him.

As she follows the vision the Great Father Sun showed her, determined to kill the man she thinks is responsible at any cost, even her own life, she's haunted by dreams of a beautiful young man she can never have and a life she was never going to live.

Alone in a world vastly different from the one she's known, she'll have to decide: Avenge her father or follow her heart.

Will she succeed in destroying the Toreem Daliphate and killing the man responsible for her father's death? Only the gods know. 



The baru fled towards the desert sands, leaping across the dry, cracked ground.
K'lrsa leaned over Fallion's side, one hand tangled in his mane as she chose her target—a young male on the edge of the herd that leaped ahead of them, all grace and light. He tried to flee back into the center of the herd, but she maneuvered Fallion to cut him away from the others.
The swift air of their passage cooled the sweat on K'lrsa's brow even as the sharp scents of crushed sage grass and dust filled her nose. "Steady now, micora," she whispered as much to herself as Fallion as she released her hold on his mane to draw her bow and nock an arrow to it. Her gaze never left her target.
It was risky to let go of his mane, and she'd never try it with any other horse, but she knew Fallion, knew she was in no danger of falling with him beneath her.
K'lrsa took a deep breath and found the hunter's version of the Core—that heightened state of awareness where everything slowed down and came into focus. Time seemed to stop as she pulled the arrow taut, the bow string vibrating under her fingers, begging for release.
She held there, pausing, savoring the moment as she aimed for the soft spot on the baru's back.
Finally, she released and heard the twang of the bow string as the arrow sped towards its target, wobbling left before straightening out again.
The arrow spun through the air, each rotation visible to her mind's eye, each breath taking an eternity as they thundered forward, the herd racing ahead of them, her target glancing back at her in wide-eyed fear.
K'lrsa felt a thrill of triumph as the arrow raced towards the baru.
She was going to do it.
After months of being told it wasn't possible, and days of trying and failing, she was going to be the first Rider to kill a baru from horseback.
Her. K'lrsa. A "mere girl."
She was going to do it.
The baru leapt to the side at the last moment; the arrow buried itself in the dry ground by a large cactus.
K'lrsa cursed and felt Fallion slow beneath her as he responded to her unspoken command.
No. She was not going to quit this time. She was not going to fail again.
She had to succeed before her father returned to camp.
She had to.
She was hot and tired and sore, her clothes sticking to her body and chafing her skin, but this was her last chance and she refused to quit. Not when she was so close. Fallion wasn't even winded, even after a day of hard riding.
She urged him forward until it felt like they really were flying like the Amalanee horses of legend. The wind of their passage whipped strands of hair and dust into her eyes, but she ignored them.
She would not fail.
Not again.

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About Alessandra Clarke:

Alessandra Clarke has been losing herself in the worlds of fantasy novels since she was old enough to borrow her first book from the library.

She loves the worlds of Darkover, Valdemar, and Pern and kind of wishes she were psychic except for that whole knowing what others are really thinking part.

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