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Tempted by a Grizzly (Black Oak Shifters, Book 3) by Desireé Moon

Release date: September 24, 2015
Subgenre: Paranormal romance

About Tempted by a Grizzly

Temptation has its drawbacks...

Nina is terrified for her alphas. After an accident, the humans now accuse Rafe of a crime he didn't commit. Rafe only wants to clear his name and protect his clan. Nina fears the worst, especially now that she has cubs of her own to protect. The humans move in to keep close surveillance on the werebears in Birch Valley. But it turns out, none of the shifters in Black Oak forest are safe from the humans.

Axle would do anything to keep Nina safe from harm. Even if it means risking his own life. But could her powerful grizzly alphas stop the humans from controlling their shifter way of life?



Rafe, Axle and Nina all looked out towards the crowd of humans shouting outside the clinic. A full silver moon shone over them all. Nina’s heart pounded in her chest, terrified by the mob of angry faces before her.
“These humans don’t seem too happy to see us. Why would they come all the way out here?” Axle asked, studying Rafe’s movements.
Rafe's violet eyes took on a glacier-like expression. He knew the humans wanted payback for the damage of the local general store. “Something happened,” Rafe replied.
Nina, on the other hand, was completely clueless. Nina wanted to make absolutely certain that Rafe wasn’t the cause of this. She stormed up to him.
“Tell me the truth. What happened?”
“I never should have challenged Gage in the race. He lost control of his bike and crashed into a general store owned by a human,” Rafe confessed.
Nina looked down at the two children swaddled tightly in pelts, already greatly fearing for their lives.
Nina looked at him seriously. “How could you let this happen?”
Nina brutally pummeled Rafe in his chest, even though his hard alpha body didn’t yield a single inch. Jade moved between them during the commotion.
“Let me take the little ones, they have no business being out here in the cold.”
Jade carried the two children off to safety. An opened wound filled Nina’s heart. She feared her children would become easy targets for ignorant humans. No matter how charming or how cunning she thought Rafe to be in the past, right now she couldn’t even look at him. Rafe hated looking at the sorrowful expression on her face. Her shining brown eyes almost filled with tears.
Axle wanted a rapid solution to make the humans scatter. His body burned with rage. He turned to Rafe.
“I told you to let me ride that race, but you had to be the fuckin’ hero. This is what happens…” he spat.
Axle narrowed his eyes in an attempt to see through the mist-like fall of snow, and better gauge the number of humans currently in his town. “We need to tell these damn humans to get the hell off our property!”
“No,” Rafe growled, worried that Axle would do something reckless, like storming the humans in an enraged frenzy.
Rafe knew the anger the humans harbored for the clan would only become more poisonous if the shifters behaved aggressively as well. He was responsible for Gage’s actions, which made him equally responsible of his crime. As such that meant he had to make amends with the community. He knew full forgiveness wasn’t an option. However, it would start building trust.
“You damn shifters!” one of the mob called out. “We know about the crime he committed.”
This is getting out of hand. Nina panicked. Rafe stepped up right in front of the Mayor.




About Desireé Moon:

Desireé Moon is an Atlanta based author and a sci-fi and fantasy addict. When she's not dreaming up sexy alpha heroes, she's probably somewhere watching cartoons. Yeah, she's pretty awkward and proud of it. Currently, her biggest hope is to survive the inevitable zombie apocalypse. Sign up for her newsletter for exclusive freebies, teasers and ARCs!  

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