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ZeQuest (Book 2 of the Quest Saga) by Dhayaa Anbajagane

Release date: September 24, 2015
Subgenre: Space Opera

About ZeQuest

Armorica was an ancient planet filled with luscious fields, towering forests, and crystal clear streams.
And now, it was going to be destroyed.
When Armorica's very existence is threatened by an enemy planet, Q is left with no other choice but to take matters into his own hands and prevent a inter-planetary massacre from breaking out. But one question remained unanswered : How was he supposed to take down an entire planet?

Thrilling, Plot-twisting and mysterious, ZeQuest explores the nature of a selfish world, where nothing is ever what it seems to be.

This is book 2 of the Quest Saga, following ConQuest, which is currently free.



Q hated trips.
He hated bicycles, cars, trains and planes. Basically if something could take him from one place to another, he’d probably hate it. So one could see why spaceships weren’t exactly his favorite thing, and being stuck in one was the worst. Especially since he’d been in there for two days. The only positive he could see was that there was just another hour until he could exit  what he felt was a ‘metal coffin’.
“I’m bored,” he mumbled.
“Just go to sleep,” the girl sitting next to him groaned. She lay in her seat, curling up against the wall as she herself tried to go back to sleep. Her hair was a dark shade of red, its silky-shiny texture making it seem photoshopped.
“But I’m not tired,” he said. She ignored him and lay still, probably fast asleep already.
The trip had been quite tiring and being stuck in a truck sized spaceship for forty-eight hours didn’t exactly make one feel relaxed or rejuvenated.
Q had actually rejected the suggestion of taking this trip, but his brother Carlos had forced him to come along. Frankly put, he had no clue why he was even included. All Carlos had told him was that the planet they were heading to was called Armorica. So basically Q was on a blind mission to a place he didn’t know, to do something he was yet to be briefed on.
He got up and walked through a corridor toward the front of the ship, a.k.a ‘the deck.’
Two seats were placed side by side at the front end of the deck, a moderately-tall figure sitting on each of them. The chair on the right turned around, revealing an athletic looking man. The pit was dimly lit but Q could see the distinct shades of brown both in his hair, and in his eyes.
“Couldn’t go to sleep?” he asked.
“I’ve been stuck in this tin can for far too long to be able to sleep peacefully.”
“Whoa, whoa,” he said. “Hang in there would you? We’re just a while away from the landing site.”
“You know you still haven’t told me about this planet we’re going to.”
“I haven’t? Oh dear,” he said and quickly turned his chair around.
Q waited.
And waited.
“Are you going to tell me or not?”
“I’m just kidding,” Carlos laughed and turned back around. “So, we’re headed to Armorica.”
“That I already know.”
“It’s a planet that’s pretty much like Earth.”
“That’s still not useful info.”
“Commander,” the other seat turned around, revealing a girl in her late teens. She had fair, untanned skin and a rather thin, rounded face. Her curly black hair was sleek and had been pulled into a loose ponytail. Her blue eyes looked at him, her long eyelashes fluttering as she blinked.
“We’re two minutes into initiating descent,” she said. “Everyone needs to secure themselves for entry.”
“Will you be able to manage the descent on your own?” Carlos asked.
“Yes sir,” she said, her head looking straight at the viewscreen that fed a view from the front of the ship.
“Very well then,” he said and ushered Q towards the passenger area.
Carlos stopped in front of the fast-asleep girl and leaned close to her, “ELIZABETH!” he yelled out.
She jumped, her face slamming into the wall she was leaning on, and slumped back into her seat, her hands covering her face.
Carlos grinned, “Always wanted to do that,” he said.
“I’m so glad you finally got to do it,” Q rolled his eyes. His brother could do the stupidest things at the silliest of times.
“What do you want?” Elizabeth asked, her hands moving around her face, searching for any bumps. She didn’t seem mad at all, almost as though she were used to Carlos’ craziness.
“We’re preparing for reentry,” Carlos said. “Secure yourself.”
“You know, you could’ve just done that without waking me up.”
Carlos looked straight at her for a really long time and then he broke into a smile, “Well, what do you know,” he chuckled. “I guess I really could have done that.”




About Dhayaa Anbayagane: 

Dhayaa Anbajagane is an Amazon bestselling YA author who's novel, ConQuest, debuted in the Top #10 of all Space Opera books. His top Sci-Fi series, 'The Quest Saga' has won many fans and admirers alike.
He writes in his free time (which sometimes overlaps his sleep time)
His favorite part of being an author? Writing the first draft of a new novel.
His least favorite part? Redrafting it.

Dhayaa isn't a big enough sensation yet to be busy enough to ignore social media messages. So if you want to get in touch you can catch him on Facebook or Twitter.

Website | Facebook | Twitter

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