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The Gods Awoke by Marie Vibbert

 Release date: September 1, 2022
Subgenre: Epic Fantasy

About The Gods Awoke


If the Gods were real, could you believe?

Hitra, high priestess of Revestre, already has enough on her hands: political upheaval, a distractingly attractive male servant, and an upcoming harvest festival. But when a column of flame from the heavens sends a city into tumult, it upends more than just her schedule. Now, Hitra must deal with a religious schism, ethnic strife…and a God growing out of control.

"An innovative slant on a fantastic religion, its worshippers and divinities!
~Mary A. Turzillo,
Cosmic Cats and Bonsai"

"Even in a conflict on the scale of Gods, Vibbert masters the art of making small things matter."
~Lorelei Esther, illustrator,
The Kitra Saga

"Creative, quirky, fun, Vibbert delivers a wild new take on divine gods and their petty squabbles in The Gods Awoke!"
~Tobias S. Buckell,
Crystal Rain



Illoe’s mind was calm, prepared for the walk through the city, contemplative, like the minds of the laborers carrying burdens across the high square. A row of pillars prevented draft beasts from befouling the temple mount and everything the temple ordered from the city had to be carried by men.

The cobbles of Penitence follow a covered streambed; the water that once flowed overland now swept through masonry vaults underfoot. At the narrowing of the road, where it dipped sharply to the plaza below, the underground passage narrowed as well, to force the water through a wheel that powered Chagrin City’s primary uphill transport, called the Water Car.

I could feel it—the tense water squeezing its way under stone in its passion for down. I felt it in a way none of the people walking above it could. A few were aware of the vibration under their feet,some excited by it, but most had traveled this road often and had long since stopped noticing. The water was powerful and dangerous. I felt the edge it gave even to unnoticing minds. I was moved to be passionate. I recalled the hunger for touch the girls had felt, unexplored cravings for untested flesh. I was hot with impatience and impotence. I wanted to touch, move, change. Was I a god or not?

I felt myself pressed on all sides, tight and fast and narrow. I brushed Illoe’s cheek. The down of his young skin bent against my briefly-formed fingertips. The world froze in that moment, and I could count the hairs I’d touched (twenty-six) and I had had two fingertips. It was the briefest, gentlest touch.

Illoe toppled like a broken reed, the rough pavement tearing cells from his skin.

The sting of injury, however minor, drew Illoe into an unreasoning rage, jerking his limbs to strike imaginary foes. Bluster kept the tears back. He swore on “Revestre’s Golden Tits” to beat the twelve bodily humors out of whoever had bumped him. He wanted, desperately, for someone to come forward, for a reason to hit and hurt. No one was near him. No one but me, and his fists passed through me without impact on either of us.

People were staring. He stood out on Temple Mount, in his secular clothes. It wouldn’t take long for someone he knew to hear about him swinging at air and yelling at nothing. He wished the ground would swallow him whole.

But I’d touched him!

He stomped his way down to the market, feeling more embarrassed and less angry with each step. I had touched him. It just took focus. I flew with this new knowledge, expanded like steam. All the city was mine. I could touch things!

I poured myself back toward Illoe, who was bumping shoulders through the plaza to get to the water car. A woman “accidentally” brushed his leg, a subterfuge neither of them believed, and I was reminded how he’d fallen, and hurt—his wounds still smarted on his palms.

I should try someone I liked less, first.

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About Marie Vibbert:

Marie Vibbert has sold over 80 short stories to places like Nature, Analog, and F&SF. Her work has been translated into Vietnamese and Chinese, and has been called “..the embodiment of what science fiction should be…” by The Oxford Culture Review. Her debut novel, Galactic Hellcats, was longlisted by the British Science Fiction Association for 2021. By day she is a computer programmer in Cleveland, Ohio.

Marie is also a member of the Science Fiction Poetry Association, SFPA. She was nominated for their Rhysling Award in 2015, 2021, and 2022, won second place in the Hessler Street Fair poetry contest, and once sold a rhyming poem to a magazine that had “no rhyming poetry” in their guidelines.


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Indie Speculative Fiction of the Month for August 2022


Indie Speculative Fiction of the Month
It’s that time of the month again, time for “Indie Speculative Fiction of the Month”.

So what is “Indie Speculative Fiction of the Month”? It’s a round-up of speculative fiction by indie and small press authors newly published this month, though some July books I missed the last time around snuck in as well. The books are arranged in alphabetical order by author. So far, most links only go to, though I may add other retailers for future editions.

Once again, we have new releases covering the whole broad spectrum of speculative fiction. This month, we have urban fantasy, epic fantasy, sword and sorcery, paranormal mystery, supernatural thrillers, space opera, military science fiction, science fiction romance, science fiction horror, humorous horror, regular horror, wizards, aliens, space marines, alien warriors, trans superheroes, haunted mansions, crime-busting witches, crime-busting academics, lesbian AIs, zombie hedgehogs and much more.

As always, I know the authors at least vaguely, but I haven’t read all of the books, so Caveat emptor.

And now on to the books without further ado:

Transistor by Molly J. BraggTransistor by Molly J. Bragg:

When Naomi Woodward’s doctor recommended her for a clinical trial, it seemed like the answer to her prayers. She was finally able to get her gender confirmation surgery and the surgery was a resounding success. She finally looked and felt like the woman she always knew she was.

Her new face and new body finally helped her work up the nerve to ask out Anika, the beautiful nurse that lived across the hall. To her delight Anika said yes, but when they are attacked during their date, Naomi quickly discovers that the experimental procedure she went through had some unexpected side effects, and that when Anika told her things with her family were complicated, she really should have listened.

Now, armed with superpowers she barely understands, a snarky artificial intelligence in her head, and allies that include a Superhero, a Dragon, and the literal Devil, she has to keep Anika safe from the archangel who’s out to kill her while they work desperately to prevent a second civil war in heaven.

None Left Behind by Jonathan P. BrazeeNone Left Behind by Jonathan P. Brazee:

Staff Sergeant Gracie Medicine Crow, United Federation Marine Corps, is the Marine's top sniper. It the mission is too dangerous or difficult to pull off, she's the choice to get it done.

Even deep inside enemy territory, killing the target might be the easiest part of the mission. When you kick a hornets' nest, the hornets get angry. Getting herself and her a-gunner out and back to friendly forces might just be a bridge too far.

This is the latest Gracie Medicine Crow story. Other Gracie works include the novel "Sniper" and the novelettes "BOLO Mission, "High-Value Target," and the 2018 Nebula Award finalist, "Weaponized Math."

At just over 10,000 words, "None Left Behind" is a novelette, not a full-length novel.

Catnip by Vyria DuravCatnip by Vyria Durav:

For all his life, Sol has believed he's only worthy of affection as long as he's useful--and he intends to prove his ultimate use by restoring a colony on Venus as a new home for his friends and lovers. But upon arriving, he realizes there's more here than he bargained for. For one, the resident artificial intelligence wants to make friends with him. For another, the nanites want to completely change his body... and in the process reveal her true self. Stuck (or perhaps blessed?) with a new form, she must find out what it means to live, to be loved for who she is rather than her work.

Catnip is a space exploration novel about a trans woman's journey to find herself and what it means to be loved for who she is, with the help of her polycule and a lesbian AI.

Blue Burn by M.R. ForbesBlue Burn by M.R. Forbes:

Armed with evidence of Sedaya’s treachery, Ben and his crew seek an audience with the Empress. If everything goes according to plan, the duke will be brought to justice and the bounties on their heads lifted.

But since when does everything go according to plan?

The adventure of a lifetime continues in the fifth installment of the #1 sci-fi bestselling Starship For Sale series. If you like found starships, unlikely heroes, and intergalactic mayhem, you’ll love Starship For Sale.

I, Demon by Chris FoxI, Demon by Chris Fox:

Discarded. Sacrificed. Triumphant.

They sent me into the blasted lands to die. I refused. I lived. And now...I return to the empire that discarded me. A god, rich with worship. I don't know what has become of Hasra, or the war with the Fomori. I don't know where Li is, or if her homeland is still dealing with the wyrm Khonsu.

My sister and mother were freed, the reward for my blood price, but I have no idea what has become of them. It is time to go home. Time to right old wrongs, and to find the legacy left behind by my former incarnation. Three tombs remain. Once I am certain my family is safe I will seek them.

The next lies in Olivantia, a land that has banned sorcery, and will kill me if they discover what I am.

If I survive, then I must return yet again to Hasra, this time to see the demonic kingdom that lies under the very city.

Prophecy says that I will survive, and find the last tomb in the Ashlands.

I tire of prophecy. I tire of what others require of me. It is time to make my own way, my own choices. They will find that I am neither boy, nor student any longer. I am the prince of demons, and I have returned.

That Magic Moment by Lily Harper HartThe Magic Moment by Lily Harper Hart:

Ofelia Archer is working toward a goal, both personally and professionally, and she’s making great strides on both. Her attention is diverted, however, when a steamboat washes ashore next to the riverwalk…and it’s a boat that is more than a hundred years overdue.

The Adelaide was supposedly lost on the river back in the day, all souls onboard believed lost, and yet it’s in New Orleans…and it might not be empty.

Ofelia and her boyfriend Zach Sully are part of the first team to visit the boat, and almost immediately Ofelia is struck by the reality they’re not alone. Unfortunately for her, she can’t pin down a source for the feeling. When ghosts start haunting her home and dreams, however, the story begins to take shape.

The Adelaide was besieged by darkness before the end came. Now that darkness is pointed at New Orleans. It’s up to Ofelia and Sully to put an end to it all…even when the darkness decides Ofelia is the new target.

Some bonds last a lifetime. Some last beyond. The bonds from the Adelaide are something more, and not even death can tear them asunder. It can take aim at Ofelia, however, which means she could be joining the dead before it’s all said and done.

Fear of the Dark by Ross HarrisonFear of the Dark by Ross Harrison:

A dark planet on the galaxy’s edge. A primordial predator. A desperate hunt for a dangerous secret.

When the medical frigate Ruby Rose picks up an SOS from the planet’s lightning-ravaged surface, the medics do not hesitate to drop into the raging storm. But the innocuous little planet is home to something sinister. Something desperate. Something that will stop at nothing to find what it’s looking for.

Across the galaxy, the crew of the Star Wraith receives a call for help. The captain of a medical frigate has lost his medics, and one of their names is all too familiar. But how could the Wraith's crew know that a simple rescue mission will lead to a string of murders and a waking nightmare that will leave them forever changed?

Night Market by B.R. KingsolverNight Market by B.R. Kingsolver:

I was blissfully ignorant of a book, usually translated into Human languages as The Gospels of Satan, until it was stolen from the Great Library.

My twin sister, a Senior Scholar, showed up at my door and asked me to help her retrieve the cursed book. It’s magical, priceless, and in the wrong hands might be dangerous.

It could be anywhere in thousands of Worlds, but the logical place for the thieves to sell it is the Great Marketplace at the Crossroads of the Worlds. Not out in the open, but in the shadows known as the Night Market, where the buyers and sellers don’t mind disposing of a body or two.

Wizardoms: Legend of Shadowmar by Jeffrey L. KohanekWizardoms: Legend of Shadowmar by Jeffrey L. Kohanek:

A clever thief. A grizzled warrior. A legendary castle guarded by a monster of myth.

When presented with the opportunity of a lifetime, young and arrogant Jerrell Landish cannot refuse. Teamed with a renowned warrior, he embarks on a quest hundreds of adventurers have attempted.

None ever returned.

His mission: Locate a legendary castle, defeat the guardian protecting it, and obtain the treasure hidden within.

If only he knew what lurked in the castle ruins.

If only he understood the dangerous nature of the treasure he sought to claim.

freaky crypts by Amanda M. LeeFreaky Crypts by Amanda M. Lee:

Poet Parker thought her past was lost to her…but it’s about to invade her present.

Her uncle Sidney is in New Orleans, which just happens to be where Mystic Caravan is setting up shop for the week, but Poet isn’t expecting a happy reunion. Things are tense—to say the least—and that’s before zombies are reported in the French Quarter.

New Orleans is one of Poet’s favorite places in the world, and she’s thrilled to be in the city, but when it becomes apparent that a war is brewing between powerful loas, the Big Easy becomes big trouble.

Poet has always been interested in her origins, and she’s about to get the answers she’s always sought. It seems one of the warring loas knows what she is and why she can wield such powerful magic…but he’s only willing to share for a price.

Poet has always believed that fighting a war of someone else’s making was a mistake. Now she has no choice because if she doesn’t fight, everybody will die.

Zombies are taking over the Quarter. Loas are fighting their own. Poet’s heart is vulnerable thanks to the return of the one family member she remembers.

Blood will spill. Whoever is left standing will have the ultimate answers. Poet just hopes it will be her.

Possessed by the Alien Renegade by Krista LunaPossessed by the Alien Renegade by Krista Luna:

No one will ever want a brutal warrior like me. Yet the beast within demands I claim my fated mate.


Flying is my life. Our alien allies have the sweetest fighter jets I’ve ever flown. I ace every training flight and qualify for a special mission—learning how to pilot an enemy ship. Everyone agrees I’m the best choice.

Everyone but him.

As the top varoolian pilot, Var’s the warrior I long to impress. But it’s hard to remain professional around the dangerously attractive alien, especially once we’re alone on a small ship. The closer I get to him, the more Var growls. Those growls do things to me—tingly things. I’ve spent my life racing to be first, but this time, I want to be caught.


I am Varax, not Varool, a berserker straight out of my people’s bloody past. Marked by the stripes on my face, I am doomed to a life alone—an outcast no Varool woman ever wanted.

Then an alluring sweet scent sets both my hearts beating. Mari is my fated mate.

I refuse to shackle the delicate human to a brute like me. Yet our dangerous mission isolates us in close quarters, leaving me no escape from her delectable beauty and captivating personality. As we fight side by side, I do not know which poses the greater threat to Mari—our enemy…

Or my ravenous need to chase and claim and mark her as mine.

Possessed by the Alien Renegade is a steamy, primal, grumpy-sunshine romance featuring a fierce alien warrior who refuses to see his own worth and the spirited heroine determined to prove him wrong. There’s plenty of adventure with a guaranteed HEA.

The Mystical Murders of Yin Mara by Marshall Ryan MarescaThe Mystical Murders of Yin Mara by Marshall Ryan Maresca:

Phadre Golmin and Jiarna Kay are perfectly matched. Both astounding intellects, sharing a passion for academic pursuits and each other. Traveling from the University of Maradaine to Trenn College in Yin Mara, they are excited for the opportunity to study magical and mystical theory with the famed Professor Salarmin. So when they come across a dead body that defies all logic, they should leave it alone.

But Phadre and Jiarna tasted adventure in Maradaine, so the discovery of similar victims, paired with their scientific curiosity, makes the situation far too intriguing to ignore. Knowing that they alone have the knowledge to unravel the mystery, Phadre and Jiarna are determined to resolve it, no matter the cost to their academic careers.

The Topaz by Nicholas McAuliffThe Topaz by Nicholas McAuliff:

Scott Sunderson sees the green fire in his dreams and runs from something intangible yet omnipotent. Digging in the forsaken Valley of the Moon with his near homeless brother Rick, the prospector chases elusive gemstones in the low foothills of the Rocky Mountains. The team strives to free themselves both from the burdens of toil and the burdens of the past, where inescapable poverty and lost opportunities mar the future. Yet Scott knows that something shines brighter than gold under these hills, something that may open doors and clear away the ruin of his past. But all that lusters comes with a heavy price.

Hedgehogs by Iseult MurphyHedgehogs by Iseult Murphy:

Your garden is their battleground.

After a new pesticide turns hedgehogs into flesh hungry maniacs, Harry must seek the help of a fox, a cat and a mouse if he’s to survive the night of the living hogs.

A Romero and Animals of Farthing Wood mashup like you’ve never read before.

Track of the Snow Leopard by Dariel QuiogueTrack of the Snow Leopard by Dariel Quiogue:

Track of the Snow Leopard features five savage tales of Orhan Timur, the gray-eyed wanderer known and feared as the Snow Leopard. From an enchanted palace lost in time to a haunted temple-city, to robbing an Emperor's tomb for the keys to an immortal army to a hunt for a demon tiger to finding a lost world beneath the snow-clad Drokpa Mountains, Orhan Timur swashbuckles and slays through a world filled with hostile forces and magics in the classic pulp sword and sorcery style.

Also includes the bonus story, The Lions of Malakkaria

The Lion of Skye by J.T.T. RyderThe Lion of Skye by J.T.T. Ryder:

There can only be one lion of Skye.

Vidav thought he was finally living a life of glory—the warrior’s path he dreamed of as a farmer. However, when his brother, Fennigus, reveals himself as the enemy queen’s champion, it becomes anything but.

Vidav must defeat his brother in order to fulfil his oath to kill the Queen of the Hillmen.

If he does not fulfil his oath, his clan will be unavenged, and the Isle of Skye will remain under enemy rule.

If he does fulfil his oath, his brother may die.

In the end, which will win—honour or family?

Even worse, a dragon has been flying over Skye…

The Lion of Skye is the epic conclusion to the Bronze Sword Cycles duology, a historical fantasy adventure set in 200 B.C. on the Isle of Skye, steeped in Celtic mythology and culture.

The Bolivian Incident by C.N. ShanahanThe Bolivian Incident by C.B. Shanahan:

An ancient medallion has turned ten-year-old Hollis Whittaker into the U.S. military's top target. Through the artifact, the boy shares a mind with an alien, and possesses the most advanced brain on the planet, capable of teleporting people through space and time.

A Native American woman, her grandfather, a computer nerd, the boy's best friend and an involuntary time traveler will do anything they can to help, but when Hollis' parents disappear, their plan to flee the country and relocate to Central America is scrapped.

Then a mysterious insect appears, followed by an old woman bearing another medallion. The Bolivian stranger has been endowed with different capabilities than Hollis. She tells him that he is unwittingly damaging spacetime and that the consequences could be disastrous.

Is the woman connected to a 1958 nuclear explosion in the Amazon Jungle? Can she help locate Hollis' parents? Can a ragtag band of misfits protect the boy against the mightiest military in the world? And what's all of this got to do with aliens?

Martian Academy by James David VictorMartian Academy by James David Victor:

Five years ago, alien invaders stole her family and her childhood. It’s time to make them pay.

Artemis was only twelve years old when the Rath invaded Toronto, killing countless people, including her family. Five years later, she is finally ready to make them pay. The first step: train at the Martian Military Academy so she can fight the aliens and make them pay for invading her planet. She soon learns that humans can be just as ruthless as the Rath, though, and they are far closer to home. Can she help save humanity and find honor among the stars?

Martian Academy is the first book in the Honor Among the Stars series. If you like sci-fi adventures, space battles with complex alien invaders, and unexpected twists in humanities exploration of the stars, this could be your new favorite series.

The Haunting of White Haven Manor by Clay WiseThe Haunting of White Haven Manor by Clay Wise:

With things finally back on track after the death of her husband, Ally is ready for a break and to settle down to a quiet, conventional life with her new boyfriend...

But those hopes are shattered with the appearance of a new ghost... begging for her help with a cryptic message about some place called White Haven Manor, a stately home from the early 1800s but now a long-abandoned ruin with a terrifying reputation.

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Cora goes virtually to Chicon 8, the 2022 Worldcon


Chicon 8 Banner 

For a variety of reasons, I can't attend Chicon 8, the 2022 Worldcon in Chicago, Illinois, in person, but I will be participating virtually.

If you’re a member of Chicon 8, you can see me on the following panels:

If It's Not Love, Then It's The Bomb That Will Bring Us Together

Thursday, September 1, 1 PM CDT, Airmeet 1

A huge swath of SF from the 50s through the 70s was written in direct response to the Cold War, the threat of nuclear annihilation, and disastrous and inhumane proxy wars. It all feels terribly relevant again! What are some gems and must-reads in the genre of "cautionary tales, pacificist, and anti-war SF"? Who are some more recent writers taking up these trends and what changes in approach have they made?

Cora Buhlert, Gloria McMillan, Julia Meitov Hersey, PJ Manney (moderator)

Virtual Table Talk - Cora Buhlert

Friday, September 2, 1 PM, Airmeet tables

This is what used to be called Kaffeeklatsch, but because there won't be any food or drinks on site, they've renamed them. Anyway, sign up if you want to virtually chat with me.

To sign up for this Table Talk, visit All sign up are available starting WednesdayAugust 31st at Noon central, and you will be notified at least 12 hours before the Table Talk time if you were chosen for a spot. More details available at

1946: A Vintage Season For SFF

Saturday, September 3, 8:30 AM CDT, Airmeet 5

As the world began to recover from the trauma of the Second World War, SFF authors grappled with atomic futures. From Chan Davis to C.L. Moore, what works have withstood the test of time, and how are these works continuing to influence the genre today? How did they reflect, respond to, or ignore social and technological challenges of the day? (This panel is part of the 1946 project, a look back at the year in lieu of awarding Retro Hugo Awards.)

Cora Buhlert (moderator), Valentin D. Ivanov, Farah Mendlesohn, Terry Franklin

How Horror and SFF Blend

Saturday, September 3, 5:30 PM CDT, Airmeet 1

Horror has often overlapped with SFF—hello, Frankenstein! Lately it seems like we're seeing a rise in horror elements in popular SFF, including many recent Hugo winners and nominees. What makes horror blend well with science fiction or fantasy? Are there challenges or problems with mixing the genres? And how do cosmic horror, the Weird, and New Weird fit into this discussion? Come find out whether or not anyone can hear you scream . . . in space!

Bob J. Koester, Cora Buhlert (moderator), Emma Osborne, Jennifer Brozek, L. Marie Wood

The Culinary Delights of Speculative Fiction

Monday, September 5, 8:30 CDT, Airmeet 3

Why do the fellowship/party have to eat the same stew every day on their trek into the dark lands? Why do the space farers enjoy reconstituted cubes/pellets on their way to Alpha Centauri? Food is the way we as a species come together, bond, and connect with each other. What are some examples of stories with rich descriptions of culinary traditions, as opposed to "astronaut fare" or "epic fantasy stews"? How does the inclusion—or exclusion—of eating and cooking practices impact the story?

Cora Buhlert, Gillian Polack, Jennifer Rhorer (moderator), Jo Miles, Thiago Ambrósio Lage

Finally, as regular readers of this blog will know, I’m a Hugo finalist for Best Fan Writer this year,  so of course you’ll find me (virtually) at the Hugo ceremony.

Hugo Awards Ceremony

Sunday, September 4, 8 PM, Grand Ballroom

Join your hosts Charlie Jane Anders and Annalee Newitz — and a bevvy of guest presenters — for the most prestigious awards in science fiction and fantasy. Come for the glitz and glamour, stay for the laughs and surprises!


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Speculative Fiction Links of the Week for August 26, 2022

It's time for the latest weekly round-up of interesting links about speculative fiction from around the web, this week with the attack on Salman Rushdie, tributes to Alexei Panshin, Star Trek: Lower Decks and the many iterations of Star Trek, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law and the Marvel Cinematic Universe in general, The Sandman, season 4 of What We Do in the Shadows, House of the Dragon, Prey, Samaritan, Three Thousand Years of Longing, Warner Bros cancelling every remotely interesting movie or TV show except for The Flash after their merger with Discovery, J.R.R. Tolkien and much more.

Speculative fiction in general:
Comments on the attack on Salman Rushdie:
Comments about J.R.R. Tolkien:  
Film and TV:

Comments on She-Hulk: Attorney at Law and the Marvel Cinematic Universe in general: 

Comments on Star Trek: Lower Decks and the many iterations of Star Trek
 Comments on House of the Dragon (spoilers):
Comments on Three Thousand Years of Longing
Comments on season 4 of What We Do In the Shadows
Comments on The Sandman
Comments on Prey
Comments on Samaritan
Comments on Warner Bros cancelling every remotely interesting movie or TV show after their merger with Discovery

Writing, publishing and promotion:



Classics reviews:
Science and technology:

Free online fiction: 
Trailers and videos:

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Issue 2 of Witch House Amateur Magazine of Cosmic Horror is now available


If you're looking for a spooky read, the new issue of Witch House, a magazine of gothic and cosmic horror, is now available.

This issue contains unsettling horror stories and poems by Daniel A. Godzieba, Madison McSeeney, B. Harlan Crawford, Juleigh Howard-Hobson, Zachary B. Seigel, Nathaniel Webb, TS. S. Fulk, George Jacobs, Matt Bliss, Patrick Rutigliano, Michael Burke, Ricky German, Alexis Child, Paul Wilson, J.B. Toner, Wade German, Katie Brunecz, Kemal Onor, Luke E. Dodd, Dalton Rogers and Johah Atwood as well as an introduction by S.T. Joshi.

Download Issue 2 of Witch House for free here!

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Speculative Fiction Links of the Week for August 19, 2022


It's time for the latest weekly round-up of interesting links about speculative fiction from around the web, this week with the attack on Salman Rushdie, tributes to Wolfgang Petersen and Anne Heche, the many iterations of Star Trek, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law and the Marvel Cinematic Universe in general, The Sandman, season 4 of Westworld, season 3 of For All Mankind, season 3 of Locke and Key, Red Rose, Day Shift, Orphan: First Kill, Dragon Ball Super Hero, Warner Bros cancelling every remotely interesting movie or TV show except for The Flash after their merger with Discovery, the 2022 Dragon Award finalists and much more.

Speculative fiction in general:
Comments on the attack on Salman Rushdie:
Comics and Art:
Film and TV:
Tributes to Wolfgang Petersen:
Tributes to Anne Heche:
Comments on She-Hulk: Attorney at Law and the Marvel Cinematic Universe in general: 
Comments on the many iterations of Star Trek
Comments on The Sandman
Comments on season 3 of Locke and Key
Comments on the season 3 finale of For All Mankind
Comments on Day Shift
Comments on Orphan: First Kill:
Comments on Dragon Ball Super Hero
Comments on Warner Bros cancelling every remotely interesting movie or TV show after their merger with Discovery

Writing, publishing and promotion:



Classics reviews:
Con and event reports:
Science and technology:

Free online fiction: 
Trailers and videos: