***The Speculative Fiction Showcase is accepting submissions***

Dear Speculative Fiction Author,

Please contact Cora Buhlert or Jessica Rydill if you'd like:
  • your new release to be featured*
  • to be interviewed for the Speculative Fiction Showcase
*We consider a book to be a new release within 30 days of its original release date. All types and lengths of science fiction, fantasy and horror are welcome. We welcome diverse books and authors. Adult themes are fine, but no erotica or splatterpunk, sorry.

Please contact Cora Buhlert if you'd like:
  • to submit a speculative fiction link for the weekly/bi-weekly roundup
  • to submit your New Release to included in the end-of-month roundup posted on the last day of every month

Please contact Jessica Rydill if you'd like:
  • to submit a guest post on the topic of speculative fiction
  • to submit a guest post featuring a previously published book
  • to submit a promotional post for a speculative fiction work
Everything is scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis. We don't do reviews, since we can't possibly read everything. We reserve the right to reject submissions, if we deem them unsuitable for the Showcase.

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  1. Love this idea. I hope things will work well for all of the specfic people that write. I'm brand spanking new to writing. I've been a spec fic, SciFi, Fantasy nerd for as long as I can remember. I'm writing what amazon calls space marine, though my characters haven't gotten off Earth yet. I also wrote a book about good and evil working together, with two main characters, Lazarus and Lilith, shoved together by their bosses, God and Satan, to fight an outside threat. I have no idea what genre that might be. Hopefully we can all help each other out. You might want a page for do's and don'ts for new authors as well. It seems like I have to go to a hundred different webpages or blogs to try and figure out things.

  2. I'd love to enter my new release, Fall and Rise of the Macas, but it wants all my email addresses. No way.

  3. Hi there, like Mari, I'd also like to enter my new novella, 'Hekate's Chalice', Book One of the Adept Solutions series (urban fantasy/crime fiction) but don't wish to create an account or submit my email addresses. How about a submission form on the page? Just saying...

  4. The release day for my 'Team Guardian' collection of three novellas (F&SF>Fantasy>Superheroes) is set up for March 31st. Would that work? (Published as 'by Naomi Stone')

  5. Are you only accepting new releases? I'm a part time author and subsequently it tends to take a while for me to find avenues to promote my book. I'm also working on the first sequel in what will eventually be a trilogy. Thanks. :)

    1. The spotlight posts are only for new releases, but you're always welcome to do an interview or submit a guest post.

  6. Thanks Cora, I just submitted my latest. Appreciate everything you do for authors!

  7. hello hoping to submit my published book as my debut novel hunted- the immortal's kiss