Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Pirate Bound (Prequel to Telepathic Space Pirates) by Carysa Locke

Release date: March 29, 2016
Subgenre: Space opera, science fiction romance

About Pirate Bound


A desperate gamble… 
Sanah would do anything to protect her little sister, even if it means taking refuge with ruthless pirates. But the psychically Talented pirates terrorizing Commonwealth space are not quite the monsters she has been led to believe. When Sanah's empathic gift shows her the truth behind the stories, she is no longer certain who the villains are in her world. 

A race on the verge of extinction… 
Dem’s only goal is to protect his people, especially since a deadly bio-weapon decimated their population. Only a handful of women survived, and every day is a fight to rebuild. With Sanah’s empathy and her sister’s rare ability to heal, they could be the salvation Dem and his people have been looking for.  

A dangerous secret that could destroy everything… 
But how can Sanah trust Dem with her life? Especially when he’d kill her if he knew the truth.

Pirate Bound is a short prequel novel to the Telepathic Space Pirates series. It is a standalone story within the series. 



Sanah knew she’d fallen asleep when she found herself standing barefoot beneath a Denuvian orange sun, grass the same color and texture as red velvet brushing against her ankles. Beside her, water cascaded over crystalline rock, rushing past trees with diamond-shaped, copper leaves, and into a deep lake surrounded by glittering sand. Branches laden with sweetly fragrant flowers swayed in the breeze above her head.
Her hair blew across her face, and she realized it was down, loose around her shoulders. She almost never wore it that way—the thick curls were unruly enough as it was, often escaping whatever attempt she made to control them. She looked down at herself and saw a short kimono in rich cobalt blue from her own closet, abandoned back home. It was one of her favorite pieces, but…
“I’ve never been to Denuvia,” she said aloud, turning a slow circle. The popular vacation world was on her list, but far outside of her reach, even before she fled her old life. This was too vivid for a normal dream.
“Stop it, Niall. Right now.” This wasn’t the first time she’d been pulled into a dream that was anything but.
“Who’s Niall?”
The unfamiliar voice had her swinging around, and she gasped, shocked. A naked man walked out of the lake, water sluicing off his fantastically fit body with each step he took. His skin was pale and smooth. Black hair ruffled in the breeze, long enough to hang into eyes a striking, intense blue. He was beautiful and definitely not Niall.
Niall had never sent anyone else into one of these not-dreams before. Not even to try to pair her up with one of the men he’d vetted and approved for her. Niall had never understood how her gift made maintaining a relationship difficult. He saw the right partnership as both taking care of her and also solidifying their family’s place within the organization. Sanah couldn’t believe that, after all of his past failures, even Niall could be so ridiculous as to believe a handsome, naked man could convince her to see things his way.
Panic fluttered through her. Unless his only goal was to distract her, however briefly. If Niall wasn’t here, with her…
“Where’s Nayla?” she demanded.
“She’s exactly as you left her.” The handsome stranger shrugged. “A little alarmed that she can’t wake you, but otherwise perfectly fine. I thought it best if we conversed privately.”
You thought? Just who are you? Where’s Niall?” Sanah crossed her arms, aware the gesture was defensive, even as she tried to sound authoritative. “I’m not dealing with anyone but him.”
The stranger strode closer, and Sanah strove valiantly to keep her eyes on his face as he stepped from the water to the sand, his footfalls leaving indentations behind him. She didn’t bother to back away. The telepath controlling this dreamscape didn’t need the appearance of physical proximity if he wanted to hurt her. 



About Carysa Locke: 

 Carysa Locke is the pseudonym for writing team Carysa Locke and MaLea Holt, two best friends who have been creating imaginary worlds together for more than twenty years. Carysa is a high school English teacher, and MaLea helps support families with special needs children. You might say, they work as super heroes in their day jobs!

Their obsession with pirates and adventure goes back many years, when they started another hobby together - costuming. They regularly attend Ren-faires and Pirate Festivals. They currently reside in the Pacific Northwest with their families, where they still routinely roleplay and costume together, when they aren't too busy working on the next novel.

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