Wednesday, May 18, 2016

A Child of the Pink Moon by Floyd Looney

Release date: May 11, 2016
Subgenre: Superheroes

About A Child of the Pink Moon


Nel has been in institutions most of her life, since her family gave her up when she exhibited signs of having super powers. Now there are super-powered teenagers around the world being drafted by governments for combat. While the world rushes into super-powered warfare, Nel must deal with a super-powered stalker who wants to kill her.


Of course. Fire was fire, so she should be able to do something with it. She tried to concentrate on the flame that popped out when Eun-Ji pulled the trigger. After a short while she thought about giving up the whole idea. Like the candle she had used the other day, it all came from the knowledge that she could manipulate the flame, she just needed to find that spot inside of her again. Up! She raised her left hand with that thought and the short flame shot up toward the ceiling. Suddenly alarmed that she would burn the place down she moved her hand and thoughts to the fireplace, the line of flame turned in midair and dashed toward the logs.
Just for a moment the fire had gone up and then made a sharp turn in the air. This did not last but mere milliseconds but Nel could see it all clearly in her mind. The logs had gotten enough of a blast to start burning, but all of the fuel from the fire starter had been pulled out.
Astra clapped.
That's a good start.” Eun-Ji said.
Nel knew it was still pitiful compared to Norms power. The hole he had blown into the wall proved he was stronger than even when he had forced her against the wall. If Norm thought he was strong enough to intimidate a baseball stadium full of people, then he must be some kind of monster.
I have a lot to do, though.” She said, “A lot.”
Any ideas on what we should do first?” Nel asked them. Eun-Ji seemed to contemplate it while Astra walked toward her.
“Isn't it obvious?” Astra asked, picking up speed, “We have to attack you.”
What?” Nel asked just as the small pale girl slammed into her with a tackle. “Oomph!” They went rolling on the floor in different directions.
Astra!” Eun-Ji yelled, in a bit of surprise, “That's...”
Nel rolled and pushed herself into a standing position just as Astra was coming toward her again and tried to kick her in the midsection. Nel dodged to the side and moved toward another corner of the large room. “All right,” Nel said, “Let's do this then.”
I really don't think...” Eun-Ji started to say as Astra picked up a burning log from the fire and threw it at Nel. 'Astra shouldn't be strong enough to throw that,' she thought as the log was already jetting through the air at her. Nel used her right hand and karate chopped the log, which broke into half and the two pieces sailed past her.
When did you learn that?” Eun-Ji asked as an observer, then to Astra , “When did you get that strong?”
The albino child-sized Astra grinned and reached for another log in the huge fireplace. Just as soon as it was in her hands, the flaming log was moving toward Nel at high speed. Whatever power Astra had it allowed her to throw a flaming log like it was a baseball thrown by a major leaguer. The baseball fan in Nel was impressed.

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About Floyd Looney:

Floyd Looney was born and raised in Texas, now in his early 40's has been reading and writing for his own enjoyment since childhood. Finally deciding that some of this stuff should be published now that the Internet makes this easy.

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