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A Sense of Sacrifice (The Law of Eight, Book 3) by Nicholas Andrews

 Release date: June 3, 2017
Subgenre: Epic fantasy

About A Sense of Sacrifice:


Nerris and his companions have braved many dangers in their quest to find the Elemental Stone. But they were thrown off their journey when Qabala and her minions stole the Dagger of Paral, leaving them with no knowledge on how to find the next marker of the Faery Footpath. The only solution is to track the Yagol queen down, but she will do anything to keep them behind her as she carves out her own road in order to fulfill her selfish desires.

Finding the Elemental Stone is the only way to stop Qabala and Eversor from dominating existence itself. But as they near their journey's end, Nerris must confront the ghosts of his past and find some way to live them in the present before they destroy the blossoming love between himself and the half-faery sorceress Len-Ahl.

In the third book of The Law of Eight, Nerris and Len-Ahl continue to traverse the Faery Footpath: the ultimate journey of friendship, love, loss, hardship... and sacrifice. What they find at the outcome may truly be the end, or a new beginning for all.


Qabala turned her attention back to the chalice. It wouldn't take much to smash those rusted bolts. She drew her saber and moved around the altar, making three quick slashes. The bolts broke, and she reached forth, grasping the chalice with her free hand. As she lifted it from the altar, a new sound filled her ears. A rapid pattering, as if someone were emptying sacks of seed. Either that, or a sudden storm had come upon them and raindrops were falling.
            Then she realized what it was. She tucked the chalice into the loop of her belt and sheathed her blade, running back toward the temple entrance. Outside, the wall of liquid which held the waters of the lake at bay dripped from the top and mixed with the mud floor, covering her exit in frothy brown liquid. Qabala raced down the steps to find herself knee deep in lake water, and attempted to slog through. The sudden waterfall soaked her skin, hair, and clothes, and after a few steps the water reached her waist.
            Qabala slogged on, but the lake fell in a torrent now. Too late, she realized her mistake. Though the raging waters could not drown her, if the currents pinned her to the bottom she could be trapped forever. With the water now up to her chest, she abandoned her march and dived in, hoping to swim for shore.
            The rush of falling water in her ears became a dull swirl once she was submerged. Using the light above as a guide, she made her way toward the surface. However, the King of Water had other plans. A cold current hit her from the left, and she careened toward the lake bottom. Qabala raged against Nixsa in her mind, calling upon the power of the Doom Rock.
            She felt an empowering sensation spread to her limbs. The godstone had given her this power before, back in the dungeons of Palehorse. When Nerris had trapped her inside a holding cell, she had been helpless until her great anger at being thwarted coursed through her mind and body, submerging her much like the waters she faced now. It had allowed her to bust through a wrought iron gate like it was cheese cloth. Now she used that strength to fight the torrent and propel herself upward.
            The current came at her even stronger, blowing her hair back. Qabala knew she couldn't hold her breath much longer, and if she lost consciousness the waters would claim her. She pumped her arms and legs. The physical strain on her body melted away courtesy of the Doom Rock. She finally burst through to the surface, taking in a full breath before falling back into the water.
            Her connection with the Doom Rock wavered for just a moment, but that was long enough for the currents of Nixsa to pull her under again. She flailed, panicked as she was, and could not find the concentration to call to the godstone. A moment later, an elderly hand reached beneath the surface, and Qabala gave one last desperate lunge. Dume Yorne pulled her from the water and she stumbled onto shore, coughing and sputtering. Looking back at the lake, she saw the rushing water subside until all was calm and silent again.

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About The Law of Eight series: 

  1. Secrets of the Stonechaser (out now)
  2. Follow the Faery Footpath (out now)
  3. A Sense of Sacrifice (coming soon)

About Nicholas Andrews:

Nicholas Andrews grew up in Dayton, Ohio. After graduating from Bellbrook High School in 2000, he went on to attend both Ohio University and Wright State University. He worked as a freelance video editor for various independent pro wrestling companies for three years, before returning to his first love of writing. He has been writing stories since he was ten years old. He is also the nephew of Ted Andrews (1952-2009), award winning new age author.

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