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Mabus by Dean Rencraft

Release date: May 6, 2018
Subgenre: Dystopian Fiction, Coming of Age

 About Mabus:


From the ashes, he will rise.Orphaned by an unfortunate series of catastrophic events, David is pursued by tragedy, doubt, and loneliness as he is shifted from home to home until his prestigious education and bold experiments in technology and bio-engineering bring him to the attention of the first A.I. ever created.

Morpheus opens doors David had only ever dreamed of as he explores the world and the two attempt to mitigate the destruction that corruption, men, and war have wrought over the earth and its people.

David's intentions are pure, but as time goes on, he is forced to ever more desperate and questionable methods in order to achieve his goals and still survive.

In this thought-provoking and action-packed coming of age thriller, David faces the epic battle between good and evil that opens questions about religion, prophecy, and even his own sanity. Will he survive and be renowned for his work and all the good that he has wrought? Or were his life and fate already written in an age long past?


You have all heard your own version of how it ends…
But who is to say how it begins?




“Do you think anyone up there knew this was here?” Brax asked in wonder as they followed the man-made structure as it gradually sloped down to an area much deeper below them than where they had found the ruined entrance.
“I don’t know,” David replied, stopping for a moment to examine the hieroglyphs carved into the walls. “but I doubt it.”
“Why is that? I don’t see much dust down here to show otherwise.” Diaz answered logically.
“I think that it’s been sealed for a long time. Look,” he pointed to the images he was currently looking at and the two men stepped up beside him and frowned. “These are religious symbols representing the three major religions,” he told them when he saw their confusion. “All of them here together. They’ve been displayed here as if they are, or used to be, a part of one religion or set of beliefs Or, at the very least, they seem to have been accepted under the same roof.”
He stressed the words carefully, hoping they would see the significance of finding the holy symbols of Muslim, Islam and Christian religions meticulously and reverently recorded next to each other anywhere other than a museum, much less in such a profound location.
“That explains why it's been sealed off,” Brax muttered. Diaz nodded and moved on, seeming to shake himself out of his distraction with David’s words.
“This hall could start a new set of wars. Not just over the city but worldwide,” he said firmly. “and I’m not sure if anyone would survive it this time.”
“Or it could bring them all together for the first, or make that second, time in all of history,” David suggested.
“Don’t bet on that,” Diaz murmured. “Some things never change, no matter what the truth is or what proof you can offer up. Religion is one of them.”
“But…” David started. He was shocked they could both be so calm about this.
“No, Diaz is right,” Brax interrupted him. “You already put your neck on the line and saved the world once, brother. Don’t make the mistake of thinking this wouldn’t have even worse consequences. Just keep your head down and pretend you never saw any of this, if it’s meant to come to light God can see it done, not you. Got it?” the itch increased but David shrugged it to the back of his mind as he looked back morosely.
“Whatever,” David said, neither agreeing nor disagreeing with them, which engendered a knowing grunt from both of his companions followed by some not so subtle curses.
They left him to his thoughts after that, mostly ignoring the details they passed as David slowed to peruse them more carefully.
“I thought you said time was an issue here?” Diaz finally complained, dragging him away from what he was sure had been several original angelic symbols along with the mark of the Jinn, which he had seen many times during his stay in Africa with the Senufo. Kyatu would have loved this place and David himself was no longer sure he wished to find a way out. It all seemed so very real to him and like he had been transported back into the past. A past that seemed oddly familiar with now that he was here.


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About Dean Rencraft:

Dean Rencraft is an eclectic and enthusiastic reader of all genres and a new Author of Epic fantasy/fantasy, appropriate for both teens and adults. Born in the beautiful Black Hills, Dean has traveled extensively and now, as a parent with grown children, enjoys spending time reading, researching, camping and hiking. Legally blind and a long term victim of APS, writing is now the Author's greatest joy and main pursuit, escaping into the world of Fantasy and using the proceeds for experimental treatments and technology. 

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