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Death (The Six Elements, Book 6) by Rosie Scott

Release date: December 20, 2018
Subgenre: Epic Fantasy, Military Fantasy

About Death


Over the years of waging the War of Necromancers, Kai Sera has become known by many names. Mage of the Six Elements. Necromancer. God-Killer. Rebellion Leader. Liberator. War General. Goddess of Magic. Living Legend. Most importantly, Kai is the greatest asset of war that exists, and now her war is nearing its end.

Chairel is on the horizon. Kai's home country has massive armies prepared to defend itself from her rebellion. Mortals and gods alike team up to put a stop to her intimidating advance, but Kai is not fazed. News of the final showdown brings unlikely supporters to Kai's doorstep willing to bend their knee to her superior power, and her Seran Renegades collect the allies they've made over years of globe-trotting and war to face their foes head-on.

The greatest military in the world will come to a final bloody clash with the largest rebellion ever built. Both sides will suffer losses and heartbreak. The world and its occupants will be forever scarred. Kai started this war for political change and vengeance, and she will not relent until it is finished.




The magical barriers in my hands vibrated intensely with the density of the magma that formed within them. Some foes took one look at the spell and spun in fear to retreat. The Chairel general at the forefront of her men screamed directives at them to stay. “Retreat is not an option! We do not leave Comercio until it is ours!”
How unfortunate for you,” I declared. “I intend on keeping it.”
I propelled the magic forward. Comercio's center cross-section lit up neon orange as balls of molten lava flew through the crowds. The magma projectiles hit magical shields and splattered, splashing over dozens of warriors in a radius with a hiss. Screams rattled against the nearby structures as unprotected soldiers melted, their skin and armor degrading and merging as one. Those with alteration guards absorbed some of the spell's energy, but the heavy magma weighed down the protections. The tops of shields everywhere throughout the crowds chipped away until they disappeared. Soldiers attempted to flee before the puddles of lava on the ground could melt through their boots.
The enemy unit was in absolute pandemonium as men tried to retreat or combat the lava. One mage farther back in their ranks retaliated by sending a tidal wave of water through the area. The gushing river engulfed man, corpse, and lava alike, sweeping down the street and evolving the magma into igneous rock. My soldiers scrambled back to avoid the wave, but I walked forward to face it.
The wave roared with an intensity that rattled the panes of glass in nearby store windows as it swept up to overtake me with its crest. Bodies living and dead were blurry streaks of green and black in the rushing water just before I turned it to ice. The wave came to a standstill like a blockade in the intersection as it froze from me back to the mage who summoned it. Screams and orders echoed over the ice wall, and the tidal wave dispelled. Within the ice, multiple Chairel soldiers were stuck in place after getting caught in their comrade's spell. One man stared directly at me, his gaze panicked and mouth agape as he suffocated in solid ice. I summoned two new spells. The man's skin blackened and the capillaries in his eyes burst from asphyxiation before I sent them forward.
Giant ice spikes propelled out of the elemental blockade and toward the army on the other side, audible blood splatter fanning out after each impalement. I summoned more and more spikes until my side of the wall weakened with holes as the magic pulled whole sections of ice forward to heed my request. Cracks etched through the remaining blockade as it prepared to dismantle on its own.
Generat gusto le air. I drained my life energy into the air spell so I could achieve the desired effect. I thrust my palms at the wall of ice, forcing a powerful wind gust into its concave weak points as my hair whipped back from my face, kissing my cheeks and neck like tiny knives.
With the overbearing ring of shattering glass, the frozen roadblock burst outward into the Chairel Army. Chunks of ice and mutilated frigid corpses flew through the air like shrapnel. The flood of foes in the road ahead folded under a barrage of weighted debris. Some fell dead from blunt force trauma while corpses and ice cubes buried others. With the blockade shattered and the closest enemies stumbling for ground, orbs of necromantic magic were thrown by allies into the area to collect energy from still-recovering foes. My string of relentless attacks forced the enemies in the street to the defensive, allowing our frontlines to gain the upper hand. Newly refreshed with the life force of my brother's men, I led my army north.




About the Six Elements series:



About Rosie Scott: 

Rosie Scott has been writing novels for over twenty years and publishing since 2010. She writes unconventional adult dystopian, fantasy, and science fiction novels which are partial to themes such as warfare, gray morality, and rebellion. Obsessed with the human psyche and how experiences, events, and trauma can transform a person, most of her books have protagonists who walk just off the path of being a hero. Rosie loves building characters from the ground up with different viewpoints and backgrounds, having them interact uniquely with one another, and then playing with their mortality in her novels because she believes no character should ever be invincible.

Rosie’s novels tend to explore darker themes and are not for the faint of heart. No philosophical question is unable to be examined. No character is immune to death. No hero is truly righteous. Rosie loves writing detailed visceral battle sequences and witty banter, but she also seeks to plant questions in her readers’ minds that will stick with them for long after a book is read.

Besides writing, Rosie spends her time video gaming via her gaming PC and twelve consoles, collecting medieval and video game weapon replicas, sketching the characters she creates, and building models of medieval siege weapons and cars. If she isn’t writing about bloody warfare and conquest in one of her novels, she is probably leading an army with a mouse and keyboard.


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