Sunday, January 6, 2019

Realm Source by Vincent B. Moneymaker

 Release date: December 13, 2018
Subgenre: Metaphysical science fiction

About Realm Source:


Are there places beyond heaven and depths below hell? Explore the boundaries of existence by travelling worlds beyond measure in a story beyond belief where universes are born and die but a father's love for his child lasts forever.



Amari fell to the floor as the shade came down from above. It glided along the floor until it stood between Eveine and her daughter.
    "No," Eveine yelled.
    Then the shade moved towards Amari.
    Iclarsa watched, seemingly unable to move.
    Eveine rushed towards the shade.  "Save her," she shouted to Iclarsa as she lept towards the shade with the arcfuser still in her hand.
    Sensing her approach, the shade swiveled round to face her.  It wavered back and forth, seemingly unconcerned by the arcfuser.  Eveine was only an ell away when she yelled to Iclarsa, "Tell Rickard I love him!"
    At the last moment, Eveine lept straight towards the shade.  Then, she was completely within it.  Almost involuntarily, it drew in on her until it was impossible to distinguish where the shade ended and Eveine began.
    She lifted up the arcfuser as the air around her shimmered.  With the fuser pointed at her chest, there was a ringing sound as she pulled the trigger.  The pulsing sound in Iclarsa’s ears went silent as Eveine dropped to the floor.  Looking down at her, Iclarsa saw a hand-sized hole where her beating heart should have been. 
    Iclarsa moved towards Amari, "We have to go."
    She’d nearly caught hold of her when another shade appeared.  Moving almost too quickly for Iclarsa to follow, it reached out with a black tendril and touched Amari on the forehead.  A reddish glow appeared around her.
    Unable to help herself, Iclarsa drew back.
    "Amari, stop!" she said.
    But Amari began to walk towards the still transparent front of the ship.   She neared the area where the largest vexer door had been just before the ship had entered the rift.  Passing thru it, she disappeared as the shade which had touched her moved towards the hauler.  Other shades encircled the hauler.  Frantically, Iclarsa raced back towards the entry hatch and slammed it shut after entering the ship.
    Reaching the bridge of the ship where Volen and Avelare were waiting for her, she shouted, "Emergency Protocol Zerent."
    "Please secure yourselves," the ship’s voice politely instructed as straint chairs rose up from the floor of the bridge.
    After just a few moments, Iclarsa had her children strapped in.  Then she climbed into her chair and sealed the straints.
    "Escaping now," said the voice as the longhauler lifted off the floor of the exerbay.
    A half dozen shades flowed towards it as it raced to the rear of the bay.  The longhauler angled itself towards a particularly large vein running along the rear wall of the bay.  When it was within a few ells of the vein, it stopped and a probe extended out from the hauler.  The probe pierced the vein and sparks arced out from it as the vein turned red, and then black.
    As soon as the sparks stopped, the vein split open like skin being peeled back.  Space was visible on the other side and, just as the shades were about to pierce the sides of the hauler, it escaped thru the opening.


About Vincent B. Moneymaker:

I have a law degree, run an internet business and have been writing stories for about 3 years.  I also like to surf and spend time with my family.


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