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Muse Delusion by T.K. Flor


Release date: January 24, 2021
Subgenre: Contemporary fantasy, Greek mythology

About Muse Delusion:


A lost manuscript. A woman determined to find it. A man who finds her irresistible.

In NYC, freelance consultant Jack Ellis – still grieving after the death of his beloved grandmother – finally starts to put his life back together. But his attempts to leave the past behind unravel when he meets Lisa, a storybook-beautiful woman who claims she came for a manuscript that Jack’s grandmother promised her. A manuscript Jack has never heard of.

Allured by her beauty and drawn to her impetuous personality, Jack joins Lisa in a search that takes them on an unexpected journey, casting the people he thought he knew in a whole new light.

There’s no doubt Lisa is a disruptive force, yet Jack cannot disentangle himself from her quirky and potentially dangerous intrusion. Lisa is all charm when it suits her, but can Jack accept her mysterious mental powers and embrace a woman who believes she is actually a muse from Mount Olympus?




“By the way, can you read thoughts?” he asked.
Anger flickered through her dreamy daze. “Are we having a serious conversation, or not?”
Jack was about to give an honest answer, but on second thought, he decided that Lisa should reach the conclusion by herself.
“I’m just trying to understand how far your mental interference can reach,” he replied. “Your illustration suggested that you can’t change what exists.”
“That’s right. My sisters and I control who and how we inspire, but being limited by people’s preexisting resources, we rarely bother with the creativity of ordinary people.”
“I see,” he noted as they started to walk again. Lisa’s loopy explanations did not make sense, but they were a nice tale, not entirely void of internal logic. “This search for the right material must be inconvenient.”
“That was sarcastic,” she chided, “and proof that you don’t believe what I said.”
“It’s hard to digest. I’m trying to keep an open mind, but it insists on playing devil’s advocate.”
“A nice compliment to yourself. And an undeserved one, considering you can’t come up with a well-thought objection.”
“Like you’ve said, you are a good storyteller. You tease, provoke, and make unexpected turns and twists,” Jack conceded. “None of these, however, prove your claim.”
“Can you disprove it?” Lisa asked condescendingly.
She arched her brows. “Is that so?”
He took Lisa’s arm and tugged it slightly. “You may look like a goddess, but you feel like flesh and blood to me.”
Lisa’s expression turned gleeful. “Any medical facility can verify that I have regular vision, hearing, blood type, and every other organ and bodily function. But what does it prove? A hundred years ago, the best doctors and brightest scientists had no clue about DNA. Your society doesn’t have the tools to distinguish between us and what you might call normal people, but only fools will believe that this deficiency can, by itself, rule out our existence.”
Lisa was enjoying herself, Jack observed. And she was quite a good opponent, substituting for a lack of common sense with charm and zeal.
“Okay, let’s assume that biology and the neural sciences have not yet reached the stage at which they can tell apart a person from a deity assuming human shape. How do you explain the fact that a large complex on Mount Olympus was never detected by any satellite or space station?”
“I’m a muse, not a NASA engineer.”




About T.K. Flor: 


T.K. writes about love and ambition, career and family secrets.
She's dreamed about becoming a writer since she was a child, but started writing novels only after she earned a PhD in physics.
Not surprisingly, her first published works were scientific papers, and her first novel was about a physicist.
T.K. likes to read about remarkable people who do not take themselves too seriously.
She enjoys love stories, magical realism, and quests.

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