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The Fallen Shall Rise (224-Verse, Book 1) by James Pyles


Release date: February 16, 2022
Subgenre: Space Opera, Military Science Fiction

About The Fallen Shall Rise:


Jepheth Shinzi, archeologist on the rigid backwater Kaamus star system, discovers a controversial anomaly when scans taken of space match up with 3,000 years worth of cultural mysteries.

Fearing being labeled a traitor to his government, he proceeds to share the findings in confidence before the evidence becomes overwhelming and the situation warrants in-person investigation.

There appears to be an ancient gate in deep space and it's emitting an energy signal.




This time when her gloved hand viciously struck his face, blood sprayed from Jepheth’s mouth.

“I am tired of your lies, Citizen Shinzi.” The interrogator screamed the word ‘tired.’ “I want to know how you faked your data and who you are working for. The People for Freedom group perhaps? Tell me!”

“I’ve told you everything.” Jepheth’s head swung from side to side as if it were about to roll off of his shoulders. He had been in the bare metal chair bolted to the floor; wrists handcuffed behind it for who knew how long. There was only the interrogator, a bright light in his eyes, and the shadows of armed soldiers in different parts of the room. He assumed there were cameras somewhere recording, to be used as evidence against him.

“Liar!” The interrogator backhanded him across the mouth again. His face felt newly wet.

“I’m telling the truth. I’ve always told you the truth. I’m so sleepy. Can’t you let me go, just for a little while?”

“No,” she screeched then hit him with her fist in his ribs. “You will sleep only when I say, eat when I say, urinate when I say, and you will tell me everything you know about the anti-government faction that helped you construct this blasphemy.”

A fist struck his right temple and he nearly passed out. Jepheth let his chin fall to his chest. He thought maybe if he feigned unconsciousness, she’s leave him alone.

“You will not ignore me, Citizen!” She slapped him again on bruises she had caused hours or days ago.

He opened his eyes. The lamp was brilliant and all he could see of her was a black specter…medium height, her hair must have been tightly bound or close cropped. She was roly-poly round but not at all fluffy, just like Adah’s doll Mr. Teppidor. In his delirium, the thought actually made him giggle.

“Do you find something funny, Citizen?” She slugged him in the gut, knocking the wind out of him. Jepheth was struggling to breathe when he heard the sound of the door opening to his left. A cool breeze momentarily graced him.

“I think we can dispense with all this now, Friend Major Grendien.” The voice was male. There was a mild jocularity about it, as if the owner were amused by the grim scene.

“I am conducting an interrogation and who are you to inter…oh…Podkovnik Isom. I didn’t realize you were involved in…”

“Quite understandable Friend Major, since you were deliberately not informed of my involvement. Now let’s see what we have here. Ah, yes.” He stepped in front of Jepheth blocking the light. “Citizen Jepheth Shinzi. I see you’ve had a tough go of it.”

Jep tried to answer but exhaustion and pain kept him silent.

“Let’s have them. Who’s holding the keys.”

Jepheth heard fingers snapping and the rustling of clothing behind him. | Amazon UK


About James Pyles:

James Pyles is an information technology textbook author, editor, and technical writer as well as a published author of science fiction and fantasy tales. Since 2019, his numerous short stories have appeared in indie SciFi, Fantasy, and Horror anthologies. He won the 2021 Helicon Short Story Award for his science fiction tale "The Three Billion Year Love" which is featured in the Tuscany Bay Press Planetary Anthology "Mars." His science fiction novellas, include “Ice,” “Time’s Abyss,” and “The Fallen Shall Rise.”

James has worked in a variety of careers, including as a Marriage and Family Therapist, a Child Abuse Investigator for Child Welfare Services in Southern California, and a Computer Desktop Support Technician. He has been married for nearly forty years, raised three children, and is the proud Grandpa of three grandchildren.

He lives with his wife in Southwestern Idaho.


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