Wednesday, June 8, 2016

From Furies Forged (Free Fleet Book 5) by Michael Chatfield

Release date:  June 4, 2016
Subgenre: Space opera

About From Furies Forged:

The Kalu are not a long lost nightmare anymore.
They came from the black.
They destroyed Rosho.
They ravaged Heija.
That was just the scouting force.
They are coming back.
Power those reactors, charge those rail cannons and ready the fighters. The Free Fleet is going to war.


“Flash before my eyes Now it’s time to die Burning in my brain I can feel the flame.”

Commander Smith muttered the words under his breath as he looked at the Kaluian system through his sensors.

The system was called Donakrel. It housed the third biggest Star-destroyer yard in traditional Kaluian control.

The biggest is in our control, and the second was one hell of a firework show. Smith smiled in memory as Kyle came on the comms channel with him.

Kyle and the rest of Bregend’s fleet were two-light years away in the dark of space. It had taken three days to get Bregend’s plan together. Though its craziness went up against some of Salchar’s own plans.

Smith had been a fighter and test pilot before the Syndicate decided that Earth looked like a good source for slaves. He had been recruited into a program by the United States to take at least some control back from the damned bastards.

He had launched, and found to his surprise that the slaves of the Syndicate had been up to their own tricks. Led by Salchar they had taken the second biggest damned station in known existence. They had also freed another planet and found a planet of genetically enhanced warriors, the Avarians.

Smith had been sent back to Earth and given new orders. Infiltrate the Free Fleet. He had followed his orders. Maybe a little too well. He had fought across the stars, the people he was supposed to betray, became his brothers and sisters.

He had gone from Multi-Environmental Fighter or MEF to the Jump fighter and gained himself a seat to the fall of Rosho station. The last Syndicate bastion.

And now I get a seat to the destruction of Donakrel’s Star-Destroyer yards. He thought, not without a little glee.

“Payload is on-route,” Kyle said through Smith’s ear. Smith clicked a button, confirming he got the transmission.

A wormhole snapped into existence.

“Sweat, chilling cold as I watch death unfold Consciousness my only friend”

“Fuck,” Smith might have felt something like pity for the Kalu in that moment.

Then the darkness that had lived in his soul from the first battle against those damned demons made his eyes dance as he bared his teeth.

Asteroids ripped free of that wormhole, there was no stopping them as active Kalu star-warriors and Destroyers fired on them.

Smith remembered the asteroids that had ravaged Ship Commander Kelu and his Syndicate fleet. Salchar’s plan had been as brilliant as it was risky. Bregend’s plan mitigated those risks, and used the asteroids with terrible efficiency.

The asteroids weren’t just single entities. Each projectile was made up of tens of asteroids. Each connected by cabling and supporting struts. charges went off, breaking those separating struts.

The asteroids had been given a small spin for just this reason. The projectiles unfurled like deadly flowers.

“Time moving slow The minutes seem like hours The final curtain call I see How true is this? Just get it over with If this is true, just let it be”

Smith didn’t even try to listen to the lyrics of his song as the first asteroid hit the yard.

The wave of destruction was indescribable. The superstructure of the thousands of yards shuddered, breaking as its sides disappeared. Kinetic energy met Star-Destroyers.

Projectile after projectile hit the yard. Those deadly flowers turned anything that seemed to stay together into uselessness. Fireballs burst into existence as Destroyers disintegrated.

About Michael Chatfield:

Having spent the majority of his childhood jumping from country to country with his mother, Michael Chatfield now travels the world searching for inspiration. He calls Canada home, for now, but regularly bounces across the pond to his true home, the UK. Michael pays the bills as an Infanteer in the Canadian military.

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