Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Wilson's War: Tales from the Athena Lee Universe by T.S. Paul

Release date: June 6, 2016
Subgenre: Space opera, short fiction collection

About Wilson's War


 This is a collection of Tales from the Athena Lee Universe.

Athena Lee's Quirky AI. Wilson has his origin story revealed at long last.

Discover why he wants a Cat.

Ever wonder why Hannibal Lee is afraid of the Farm?

Meet lots of new characters and visit a few of our friends.

Follow Wilson's adventures as he has fun at the expense of others. Taking advantage of Humans is too easy. Plotting Galaxy Domination is more fun. Prepare to Get down and Get Funky as the Hits just keep on coming!



My new discotheque should be opening up right about now. HAHAHAHA Time to play!  Wilson watched as Melvin opened up the new burger place and invited people inside.

The music that was playing was strange to Melvin’s ears. Very rhythmic. All the lights in the dining area were flashing along with the lights. He rushed over to the main control and tried to turn them off. The computer controls were locked out and he could not switch it off. The C-57D robotic arms were clapping in time to the music. The music was singing now, something about a “… hustle…” The robots were making rolling motions with their hands and dancing it time to the music. The few patrons that had entered the diner were now trying to leave, in a hurry. The robotic hands started grabbing people and trying to twirl them and dance with them.

Melvin was not sure what a “booty” was, but it didn’t sound fun as the robot arms chased out all the people. Now they were trying to dance with each other. Smoke began pouring from the cook station in the back. Now smoke alarms and fire alerts joined the dancing robot arms. The front door burst open and the station fire team rushed in. They spotted Melvin, threw a fire blanket over him and rushed him from the diner. Flames were now pouring out of the kitchen. Station personnel cut power. All the dancing arms stopped. Only the emergency lights now flashed. The fire team triggered the kitchen foam release and a thick fire retardant foam filled the diner snuffing out all trace of the flames and smoke.



About T.S. Paul:

I was born in 1968 in Mineral Wells, Tx. I have lived all across the country:Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Texas, Alaska, and finally Missouri. I have worked as a Disc Jockey, Bookstore manager, Cook, and bowling alley attendant. I have a Telecommunication degree and a Culinary degree. I was a history major before I discovered multimedia. Gardening and cooking is my passion. My wife and I live outside of St Louis, Missouri. I have always been a Huge fan of Science Fiction and fantasy I bring my love of the genre to my writing. I'm a first time writer.

Visit T.S. Paul's blog for a new Wilson short story every Wednesday.


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