Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Beacon's Hope (Potomac Shadows, Book 2) by Jim Johnson

Release date: October 19, 2016
Subgenre: Urban fantasy

About Beacon's Hope:


When Rachel Farran accepted her calling to become a new Beacon, a reborn Fate and weaver of ley magics, she barely understood the world she was diving into. Lost souls, poltergeists, an ancient magical journal, and more await her in her journey, and she has to balance all of that with time for her girlfriend, training her magical ally Malcolm, and oh yeah, also trying to find a job to help make ends meet. It's enough to make a girl go crazy!

Beacon's Hope is the second book in Potomac Shadows, a paranormal fantasy series set in the Washington, D.C. metro area. Grab your copy today!


Malcolm shook his head, and in a flash of blue and bronze etherics, sped toward Trench Coat and grabbed his gun in one blurringly fast burst of speed. My eyes widened as I spread my hands to move the ley shield along with him.
There was a burst of bronze light and then a ripple in the air arcing away from Malcolm and Trench Coat. The thugs on the same side of the SUV stumbled back. Malcolm backed away from Trench Coat, but never lost the grip on his ley threads.
I focused on Trench Coat. The pistol in his hand had sort of melted and fused into a jagged plastic and metal lump that steamed like it had been super-heated. He took one look at the thing then dropped it, shaking his hand. “God damn!”
Malcolm stared at him and then at the others. “Y’all better get on out of here or I’ll burn down every last one of you.”
I guessed Trench Coat was the leader of this little band. He blinked a few times and then somehow found a backbone. “Maybe I just have my boys open up on you and your girl here?”
Whoa. That’s it. I took a few long steps toward Malcolm and plastered a grin I sure didn’t feel on my face. “Hey, now, no need to get like that.” I rapidly worked the ley threads and pulled the shield around to stand between Trench Coat and Malcolm and I. “How about we just call this even and go our separate ways?”
Trench Coat stared at me. “There ain’t no even. Your boy here took something from Buster Jay. He wants it back.”
I shot a glance at Malcolm. Crap. Trench had to be talking about Malcolm’s sister, who had a recent unfortunate run-in with Buster Jay and was still in therapy for it, last I’d heard.
Malcolm shook his head, and again I got that buzzing sensation from him, like he was ready to just open up on all these dudes right now. Not good at all.
I took a chance and stepped in front of Malcolm and faced Trench Coat. “Look, friend. My buddy here has had a real bad month and is just this close to going off on some post-traumatic craziness. I don’t want anyone to get hurt.”
Trench stared at me and then past me toward Malcolm. “You gonna let this slip of a girl talk for you?”
Oh, crap. I sensed the power rush before I felt it, and, in the space of a heartbeat, I adjusted my control on the ley shield and shifted it to catch the fireball of energy Malcolm loosed toward Trench. I wrapped the threads around the fire and flexed my shield to contain the blast. There was another concussive burst of energy. This one knocked all of us off our feet and shattered the windows of the Suburban. I glanced back at Malcolm’s Mustang. I must have had the presence of mind to deflect the blast away from his car.



About Jim Johnson:

Jim Johnson was born about the same time Apollo XII landed on the moon and shares a birthday with the Kindle. He is the author of the Pistols and Pyramids weird western series and the Potomac Shadows urban fantasy series. He's also written a bunch of other stuff in and around the SFF genres and pen and paper RPGs.

In rare moments when he's not writing or publishing, Jim plays board games and card games, eats more pizza than he really should, and makes a brilliant bowl of popcorn. He also likes to live dangerously by running last click.

Jim lives in Alexandria, VA with his wife, son, and three cats.

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