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The Unmaking Engine (The World Walker Series, Book 2) by Ian W. Sainsbury

Release date: September 30, 2016
Subgenre: Science fiction, parallel universe

About The Unmaking Engine


An experiment that began 2.8 billion years ago is about to end…

Seb Varden is starting to get used to life as a World Walker. With a body full of alien nanotechnology, the ability to travel anywhere instantly and - most surprising of all - a steady relationship with Meera Patel, things are finally looking up.

Until Seb has his first blackout, starts meeting aliens and discovers a plan that threatens the entire human race. And, of course, Mason, the most dangerous Manna user, picks this particular moment to come after him and Meera.

Scariest of all, Seb is learning his transformation into a World Walker is far from complete…

Monkeys, aliens, technology, parallel universes, music, psychopaths, A.I., a magic tech spider, The Unmaking Engine has it all, including the explanation of how all life on earth began. Did I mention monkeys?

The Unmaking Engine is book 2 in the The World Walker Series. The World Walker is a Kindle bestseller. Here’s what some readers had to say about it:

“does a fantastic job at capturing you from page one and never letting go, even after the story concludes”

“Good taut science fantasy with characters who you come to care about”

“The pacing of the book was excellent, I couldn't put it down”

“This has it all, magic, mayhem, aliens, sci fi, super tech, knife fights, romance and loss, what a belter of a read, I haven't been this hooked on a book for ages ! You won't be able to put it down”


There were five of them and only one of him, which was the first problem. One of them—the biggest, ugliest one—had just unloaded both barrels of a shotgun into his chest from a distance of five feet. That was the second problem. The third, most serious problem was the presence of nineteen witnesses. This was causing Seb Varden a real headache.
He was in a bank in Dover. He was there because he knew the police weren’t going to show, the armed gang had already carried out similar robberies in the last six months, and the death toll attributed to them had hit double figures. The ugly guy was trying to kill him because Seb had asked whether his mother had had sex with a genetically-modified pig to produce him. Or if he’d got his good looks by running into a wall. Twice.
The alarm in the bank wasn’t ringing because the gang was backed by a sophisticated syndicate which had disabled all security systems, including cameras. This was one of the two ways the syndicate earned its fifty percent of the haul. The other was its handling of the Delaware police department which, even Seb had to admit, was inspired. Right now, the city’s finest were racing to a bank twelve miles west of the one currently being robbed, due to seven 911 calls apparently made from that location. Some remotely triggered explosions and a lockdown of the premises in question meant police resources were looking in the entirely wrong direction when the actual robbery took place. When the security system had gone down at the exact moment the cops were hauling ass in the opposite direction, Seb2 had nudged Seb into action. The gang thought they had everyone in the building covered until Seb walked out of an office near the main door.
Seb knew Ugly was going to shoot him 0.37 seconds before he pulled the trigger. The man’s eyes had dropped from Seb’s face to his chest at the same time as he’d raised the weapon and held his breath.
Here we go,” said Seb2. Seb was used to his consciousness being split into three parts—although Seb3 was pretty much a silent partner. It was one of the consequences of having a body full of advanced alien nanotechnology, eight-seven percent of which, according to Seb2, he still had little idea how to use. He twisted to his left just before the flash of light at the end of the barrels let him know two cartridges of lead shot were heading his way.
A shotgun cartridge is designed to spread its payload of hundreds of lead pellets as it travels toward a target some distance away. Close up, as long as you’re facing the right direction, you can’t miss. No one gets up and walks away from a close-up encounter with a shotgun. Which was unfortunate for the two members of the gang directly behind Seb. | Amazon UK


About Ian W. Sainsbury: 

Ian W. Sainsbury is a writer, musician, composer, comedian and puppet wrangler. He gets bored easily. Like many voracious readers, he wondered how hard writing a book could be. Now he knows. It’s hard. It’s frustrating. But it’s fun, all-consuming, exciting, and very, very difficult to stop doing it once you’ve started. His first book, the World Walker, a tale of aliens, magic, myth, music and morality set in contemporary America, became an Amazon UK bestseller in 2016. Book 2, The Unmaking Engine, continues many of the same themes with added monkeys. Book 3 is currently at the planning stage. No decision has yet been made about the inclusion of monkeys.

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