Friday, June 18, 2021

Simultaneous Time Vol. 2, edited by Jean-Paul Garnier


Release date: June 18, 2021
Subgenre: Science Fiction Anthology

About Simultaneous Times Vol. 2


From Space Cowboy Books in Joshua Tree, California. The second volume of the companion book series to the Space Cowboy Books Presents: Simultaneous Times science fiction anthology podcast. In Simultaneous Times Volume Two Space Cowboy Books brings you a collection of science fiction short stories from our local Hi-Desert authors, featuring both stories that have been featured on the podcast, as well as some appearing for the first time. An eclectic mix of approaches to the science fiction genre which range from rebellions against oppressive robots to alien encounters to pure campy fun, with writing styles varying from traditional to experimental. The collection features nine different authors, each paired up with five different illustrators to bring each story to life with original artwork.

Featuring stories by:

Julie Carpenter

Susan Rukeyser

Jon Christopher

Anastasia Wasko

Brent A. Harris

Jean-Paul L. Garnier

Dain Luscombe

Gabriel Hart

Mari Collier

With illustrations by:

Austin Hart

Zara Kand

Rik Verlin Livingston

Jeremy Szuder

Reagan Louise Wilson

Space Cowboy Books Presents: Simultaneous Times is a monthly science fiction anthology podcast featuring cast readings with original soundtracks, from a wide variety of international authors and composers. New episodes are released on the fifteenth of each month and can be found on most podcast players.

About Jean-Paul Garnier:

Jean-Paul L. Garnier lives and writes in Joshua Tree, CA where he is the owner of Space Cowboy Books, a science fiction bookstore, independent publisher, and producer of Simultaneous Times podcast. In 2020 his first novella Garbage In, Gospel Out was released by Space Cowboy Books and in 2018 Traveling Shoes Press released Echo of Creation, a collection of his science fiction short stories. He has also released several collections of poetry: In Iudicio (Cholla Needles Press 2017), Future Anthropology (currently being translated into Portuguese), and Odes to Scientists (audiobook - Space Cowboy Books 2019). He is a two time Elgin Nominee and also appeared in the 2020 Dwarf Stars anthology. His new collection of SF poetry, Betelgeuse Dimming has just been released and is available as a free download audiobook / ebook at He is also a regular contributor for Canada’s Warp Speed Odyssey blog. His short stories, poetry, and essays have appeared in many anthologies and webzines.


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