Sunday, February 6, 2022

An Old Man's Journey Audiobook by Gregory Allanther, read by Michael Kramer


Release date: February 1, 2022
Subgenre: LitRPG, GameLit

About An Old Man's Journey:


At the end of his life, Charles was left with one question: What was it all for?

After his tour of duty and an unremarkable post-Army business career, Charles spent his twilight years watching old movies and waiting for his grandkids to call. He'd lived a good life, been a decent man, but now that his wife was gone he was... Lonely.

Until his old friend Bert introduced him to Crossroads, the new VR sensation. In this virtual world he can move without pain, explore new lands, and most importantly - see his family again. For as long as he can hold their interest, in this fast-paced modern world of instant gratification and VR thrills.

The solution: Build a place his family wants to visit. Armed only with a magic stick with game-breaking powers that should be nerfed, Charles sets out on a journey to find a place to call his own. Along the way, he will be mistaken for an NPC quest giver, become the antagonist in epic questlines, and attempt to teach the next generation proper behavior - even if he has to beat it into them.

This is the story of one man's search for belonging in his second virtual life. A search for a place to belong, and what it takes to get there. It's also a hilarious romp through online fantasy cliches that will appeal to fans of Ready Player One, The Wandering Inn, and slice-of-life comedies.

Because at the end of a man's life: What's more important than family?




 "Yeah, what do you want?" Charles turned, surprised to see a tiny man who looked familiar looking at him with puppy dog eyes. 
"Sir, when I stole your money earlier, I didn’t realize you had friends in high places. I wanted to give it back and apologize." The man held out five copper coins in his two hands and bowed his head. 
 Charles watched him for a moment and considered what to say. This must be the thief from earlier. I didn’t recognize him in these clothes. If this were one of my grandkids, I’d whoop their tail and make sure they didn’t forget it. Maybe someone else already did that. Or maybe he saw me with Bert and thinks he can get on my good side? Should I mess with him? He is trying to make amends, which is the right thing to do, except he shouldn’t have stolen in the first place. But maybe thief is a respectable job in the game, like Aladdin or Robin Hood? He finally decides on some simple words. 
"Well, you’re a little fella, aren’t ya?" Charles asked, looking at him. Above his head read ‘Sazerbo, Halfling, Level 9 Rogue’. Charles knew other details were available if he wanted to look closer, but he didn’t. Others in the room who heard chuckled to themselves, and the man looked around as if he didn’t know how to answer. 
"I’m a halfling. Full-grown male! And I’m just trying to do the right thing here," he whispered exasperatedly. "My class is rogue, and I can only earn experience by stealing!"




About Gregory Allanther:

Gregory Allanther is a mysterious writer of unknown qualities.

Where is he from? What does he look like? Is he as attractive as I think he is?

No one knows. Not even him. But!

But if you read all his novels, you might be able to figure it out.


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