Monday, February 7, 2022

The Four by Katelyn Young


Release date: February 8, 2022
Subgenre: Paranormal romance, Fantasy romance

About The Four:


Princess Kiera knows that one day she will be auctioned away in an arranged marriage, but she never imagined that her fiancés would be vampires.

When people from the Kingdom of Zayn go missing, Kiera’s father, King Zachariah, arranges for Kiera to marry one of The Four rulers of Vampira. This marriage will end the kidnappings and unite the two kingdoms. As per the rules of the engagement, Princess Kiera is given one month to decide which of The Four she will marry. Kiera wants to be a righteous ruler. She also wants to marry for love. Each of her four suitors has something unique to offer her. Kiera must figure out whose intentions are pure and whose are for show. What Kiera doesn’t realize is that this decision will last for all of eternity.




King Niles stood and spoke in a booming voice, “Tonight is our annual blood feast. Where vampires and humans come together as one.”

“Blood will flow willingly from the humans and the vampires will give the humans pleasure they’ve only ever dreamed of before. Let tonight’s Blood Feast be one that we never forget,” King Derrick said as he stood.

Queen Anya stood next.

“Humans, hold out your right arms,” Queen Anya spoke.

Every human in the room held out their right arms. I looked around. I made eye contact with King Niles and he shook his hand.

“Vampires, embrace the arm in front of you,” King Viktor said, standing up.

I watched in awe as each vampire took the arm in front of them and showered it with kisses or licks. It made my stomach knot.

The Four all spoke, “Let the Blood Feast begin.”

Each vampire then sunk their fangs into their human counterparts’ arms. Resounding moans filled the air. The humans looked to be in total ecstasy as they were fed on.

The Four each sat down and took the arms in front of them in their mouths. Biting down and feeding.

I sat there unmoving. I had no idea what to do. What did I say? I kept to myself until The Four detached their fangs, licking the wounds made in front of them. I watched as the wounds on the human’s arms closed. Fascinating.

I had never seen a vampire feed off a human before, but today I was seeing it times one hundred. I was disgusted yet amazed. Looking down at the table, I saw that every vampire had finished feeding.

Then, all at once, everyone stood and walked away from the table into the open floor. I stood as well.

Music flowed into the room. I looked toward the sound and saw a band set up in the front corner of the room. I was so distracted by the vampires; I hadn’t noticed the band.

Some of the humans and vampires started dancing, while others mingled. Some vampires were even feeding on human’s necks now. I stood stock-still as I took in the sight in front of me. The humans being fed on were again moaning with eyes rolled into the backs of their heads.

I figured that blood feast would just be the vampires gorging on blood. I had no idea what it would entail. The sight in front of me was puzzling, yet freeing. It was nice to see the humans and the vampires coexisting, but it all seemed inherently sexual.




About Katelyn Young:

Katelyn Young is the author of The Vult. Her love of vampires and literature has inspired her writing. Katelyn recently graduated from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee with her degrees in English and Film Studies. When she isn’t writing she is either glued to the television, editing photos for her Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan account, or spending time with her dog, Baxter. She currently lives in Wisconsin with her family.


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