Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Star Dog Liberation (Star Dog, book 3) by Lucas C. Wheeler

Release date: September 4, 2017
Subgenre: Genetic engineering, Cyberpunk

About Star Dog Liberation:


Star Dog and Clancy have spent months hiding in an abandoned apartment, and tensions and paranoia are beginning to rise. A threat still looms on the horizon, and it's searching for Star Dog. She's about to find him.

There's a new German shepherd on the streets of Prism City, and the news can't stop covering all her criminal endeavors - except they identified the culprit as Star Dog.

Whatever vendetta she feels compelled to settle against Star Dog, when she targets someone close to home, Star Dog feels he has to act. He vows to bring an end to the Star Dog technology, once and for all. No matter what it takes, or what it costs.



A brighter future... Hadn't that been what Star Dog was created for, Langston said? It was hard to swallow now. So much for that concept, he thought bitterly. His rebuttal was interrupted by a pop-up on the website, and Nicole leaned in to click on it. Nathan watched solemnly as it showed Langston being released from prison.
"The press conference is about to begin," Nicole whispered, and everyone leaned in around the laptop wordlessly. Langston was being led out down the wide circular steps of the maximum-security prison. Its polished exterior glinted in the light with the same lunar quality that most of Prism City had. Guards surrounded the CEO, and Star Dog couldn't help wondering if they were meant to protect him or protect those around him.
The street was packed with people crowding together to get a better view, and journalists fighting for the front, thrusting their microphones in his vicinity and shouting their questions. Langston was guided to a podium placed on one of the middle steps, raised just enough for everyone in the crowd to get a view. The guards lined up on either side of him in protective half-circles, and he adjusted the microphone before leaning on the podium confidently and addressing the crowd.
His gaze was the same as before, dark and calculating, but at the same time, it had lost all its former lightness that it had carried. His charm was replaced with something sharper. Physically, he looked like he had done very well in prison, Nathan noticed. He still looked fit, but instead of his usual clean-shaven face, he now sported a goatee the color of caramel against his bronzed skin. Nathan was surprised, but accepted that prison may have changed him in many ways. Although they hadn't been close, he had seen the man as a mentor once upon a time when he was a newly minted professional. Those halcyon days were long gone, and every day was a new testament to that.
"Fair Prism Citizens," Langston began, his voice booming out onto the streets. The cameras zoomed in. "I owe everyone an apology, for giving in to the weakness of human nature. I owe this city an apology, even though I only ever sought to make it better." Clancy scoffed, but Nicole shushed him as she leaned in to hear better off of the tiny laptop speaker. "I apologize for my actions, which have harmed this city and its inhabitants. When I retake the helm of Vertier, I will be dedicated to serving this great city with all my being. Thank you all for this second chance."
As he concluded his speech, the journalists rushed forward and shouted questions which he sought to answer over the microphone, but the crowd had burst into a cacophony of cheers and jeers, many apparently accepting his apology, but many others who did not. Nathan did a double take, thinking he had spotted Miguel in the crowd, but when the camera swung back, he couldn't find him.
"Look!" Star Dog shouted and surged forward, almost upsetting the laptop. Clancy gripped it and pulled it back onto the crate in time to see something dark and fast moving through the crowd. It was the same shadow from before, and it was heading straight towards Langston, who was quickly being ushered to a limo through the vicious crowd. Before he could reach the open doors of the car, the shadow leapt, and for the first time its form was caught clearly on camera.
            The German shepherd leapt toward Langston, easily clearing the slow and clumsy human grip of the guards. Its raven black fur rippled in the sunlight. Star Dog noticed in that split second that this dog's tan was restricted to a part of the muzzle and face that made it look like a star mask, and some tan at the extremities and chest. The camera zoomed in just in time to see the strong canine jaws close around Langston's throat, and the man's eyes went wide as he toppled back into the crowd.


About Lucas C. Wheeler: 

Lucas C. Wheeler has been writing ever since he could hold a pencil. He has found success in many different levels of writing including second grade contests to university contests throughout his life. He is now focusing on making it as an independent author in the next exciting chapter of his life, which starts with the Star Dog Universe series. His first book, Star Dog Legacy is available now on Amazon and KU, and the trilogy will soon be complete.
He is happily married and currently living in Michigan. He is also owned by one spoiled calico cat, who has a household of servants attending to all of her affection needs.

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