Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Tiff in Time (The Fae Killers, Book 1) by Jaxon Reed

Release date: September 12, 2017
Subgenre: Urban fantasy

About Tiff in Time:


In the beginning, God created people, angels, and fae. Creatures existing between the spiritual realm and the physical, fae scattered among parallel worlds spreading magic and chaos.

The Walker hunts fae, killing them, bringing them to justice. On occasion, he recruits followers. He found Tiff, an orphan, and raised her to be one of his best hunters. A skilled killer, she jumps into any timeline on any alternate, and seeks her prey.

A powerful artifact and a mysterious fae crop up in the Roaring Twenties, in Chicago. Tiff is on her way. But this time, after centuries of being hunted, the fae have other plans. . .



The Walker strolled through a medieval seaside village. Death and destruction stretched all around. Most of the huts in the small settlement still smoked, recently destroyed by fire. All that remained smoldered in ashes and embers. The stench of burnt wood and cloth and flesh drifted through the air.
The tall, blond-haired man stepped over bodies, blood and entrails spread on the ground. Carrion circled the village, attracted to the scent of death on the wind.
He glanced at the sea, and noted Norse sails dipping below the horizon.
“Where are we, Cait?”
A female voice responded in his head.
“Northumbria circa A.D. 793, depending on the calendar. This alternate has a 98.8 percent resemblance to O-Earth.”
He nodded, and continued plodding forward, heading deeper into the destroyed village. He stopped when he heard a little girl crying.
The Walker altered course and approached the remains of a nearby home. A man and woman lay gutted on the ground near what had been the front door. Faces pale from lack of blood, their listless eyes stared into eternity.
A little girl, about two years old, sat between them crying. Her long golden hair fluttered softly in the gentle breeze, and her sparkling blue eyes were filled with tears. Her simple white dress showed dark red stains from her mother’s blood, where she had hugged the corpse.
His heart melted.
He kneeled down and pulled the girl close to his chest in a warm embrace. She buried her head in his tunic, sobbing uncontrollably.
She seemed so little, and frail.
“What’s her name, Cait?”
“Her parents named her Tyfainne. No connection to royalty. Her line will probably assume a geographic location for surname purposes.”
“Does she have any relatives nearby? Anybody who can take her in?”
“Her father’s family lives in a village nearby. But, by the standards you have programmed into me, they are not ‘good people.’”
He nodded, letting the information sink in as the little girl finally stopped crying. She shuddered, wiped her face, and looked up at him with those incredible eyes.
He gave a mental command, and the pocket on the side of his tunic filled with sugar cubes. He reached in and grabbed several, then held his hand near the girl, palm up and full of treats.
She tentatively reached out and grabbed one, looking up to see if her actions would be acceptable. He smiled at her warmly, and she popped a sugar cube in her mouth. Her eyes grew big in wonder at the taste. She grabbed the rest of them, shoving them in quickly, one by one.
“Okay, I think we’ll take this one. Leaving her here would condemn her to a miserable fate.”
The Computerized Artificial Intelligence Terminal neither agreed nor disagreed.
“Open a door, Cait. Let’s go home.”

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About Jaxon Reed:

Jaxon Reed is a science fiction and fantasy author. Amazon's digital imprint, Kindle Press, selected his book The Empathic Detective for publication through Kindle Scout. Recently the sequel, Ghostsuit, was also awarded a publishing contract through Kindle Scout. He is the author of Thieves & Wizards, an epic fantasy, and The Redwood Trilogy, a science fiction series. Jaxon is an Aggie, living in Texas on a ranch with his wife and boys, several cats, and one pound dog.

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